February 26 to March 16, 2014 Our Time in Casa Grande

We had a great time the last few weeks just hanging out and doing “stuff”- Smile

Our sheds are mostly set up for now and I even have a small craft/sewing area – YEA!!!

02-26-14A Casa Grande (1)

We have also been visiting with friends and doing a lot of eating out – Moose Lodge, SKP Luncheon at Golden Corral, Elks Lodge, Barrows Pizza, etc.  One of the days I had a small get together on our patio and my cousin Kris was able to visit – great to see her again.

This is from Barrow’s Pizza: me, Jan, Ken, Roy, Ann, Susan, Bruce:

03-07-14 X Casa Grande

We have also enjoyed the park activities: beading (me) and bean bag baseball (Andy).  One of the days we had a golf tournament.  There were 12 holes with various obstacles – lots of fun.

Notice all the obstacles in the picture below.  This was my team – me, Doris, Rich, and Wayne.  We were all watching Wayne:

03-06-14 Casa Grande (1)

The park has been blessed with an Great Horned Owl couple that has made a nest in the saguaro by the clubhouse.  They do mate for life and take turns sitting on the next so I am not sure if this one is a she or he – Beautiful creatures!

02-27-14 A Great Horned Owl Casa Grande (76)

02-27-14 A Great Horned Owl Casa Grande (191)

The nest has three eggs and we are hoping to see the babies when we return on the April 7th.

Andy has been taking his daily walks in the desert which has “greened”  It almost looks like grass in this photo:

03-17-14 A Travel CG to Congress (1)

The cacti are starting to bloom:

03-13-14 A Casa Grande (1)

When we arrived here in November, a horse had just died in the desert.  Over the months that we were here and took walks, we watched it decompose – Andy and Bill found it fascinating Surprised smile.   So Bill this picture is for you.

03-13-14 A Casa Grande (4)

Tomorrow we travel to North Ranch (SKP Park) near Congress, Arizona.  So stay tuned and enjoy today.



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