January 26, 2014 to February 2, 2014 Our First Week in Yuma

 On Sunday, 26th, we packed up, traveled south to Yuma, and set up in Yuma Lakes (our CRA membership park).  Geri and John joined us in the afternoon and Sue and Bruce are in another membership park nearby.  

And the chores began.   Most of that day and part of the next I did laundry and cleaning – everything was just so dusty – yikees.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 87 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Mitchell Mine Road; Dome Rock Road; Kuehn Street; US 95; South Laguna Dam Road; East County 6th Street; South Avenue 8 1/2 E

On Monday, we made a trip to Best Buy.  In early December, Andy and I both got new computers.  Well, his netbook died on the way to Quartzsite.  So it went back for repairs.  I am still a little concerned that they did not give us a new one and to be honest, I did not feel like making a scene (which is what it would have taken – sad, isn’t it!).  Seems like I keep giving Best Buy a chance and they keep disappointing me (you would think I would learn – LOL).

We also went to the Verizon store because of the internet connectivity issues.  Turns out, my tablet (which we also use as a hotspot) has a problem and since it out of warranty, I could either get a new one or pay to get it fixed (it is over three years old so I decided that was not an option).   After a lot of questions and discussion, we decided to go to the share everything plan and my Andy got a smart phone (can you believe it – LOL!).  To get a second one would cost us since our “dumb phone” equipment contract is not due until April.  (Believe me, I asked LOTS of questions on the why or why not!!!) 

So we have really moved up to the techno age these last few months – look out world – LOL!

On Wednesday, I had a little get together here with Shelly, Bill, Bruce, Sue, Geri, John, Darlene, and Jerry – it was good to see everyone.

The rest of the time, Andy and I have been battling some kind of stomach illness.  Andy was sick on Sunday and off and on until Thursday.  I got it Wednesday night and am still not up to par.  So we have been taking it easy and hopefully we are on the mend.  Yuck!

We expect to be here in the Yuma area until early March.  I want to do some sightseeing so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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