December 2013 Our Time in Casa Grande Part 2

In the early part of December I ordered a replacement lens for my camera from eBay.  Once I received it, I took a stroll through the park, putting that lens to use.

Getting ready to plant:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (3)

This cacti is right outside the park, next to the back wall:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (25)

One of our remaining saguaros in the park – cute arms:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (30)

Flowering cacti:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (44)

As lots come available, leasees have first choice in moving to the new lot before it is offered to the lot list.  This season, there have been a few that changed hands and many of the new owners personalize their new lot.  Here is an old shed being hauled away to make room for a newer shed:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (37)

This year we decided to decorate our motorhome and lot.  We went all out and looked pretty gaudy during the day but it was beautiful at night.  We even won third place in the decorating contest.

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (46)

Storm coming:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (55)

Dedication to those SKPs who have passed:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (61)

More flowers:

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (65)

12-10-13 A Rovers Roost (70)

What more can I saw but I love the new/replacement lens – Smile

The kitties were very intent on watching this rabbit:

12-19-13 Casa Grande SKP Park (3)

12-19-13 Casa Grande SKP Park (8)

12-19-13 Casa Grande SKP Park (10)

There are many dairy farms in the area so on December 8th, Andy and I took the tour of Shamrock Farms.

Shamrock Farms is the largest family owned and operated dairies in the United States.  It was started by W.T. McClelland in 1922 with only 20 cows, a Model T delivery truck and one route man delivering fresh milk to the doorsteps of local customers.

Today they have over 10,000 milking cows that are treated like family.  The cows are showered twice a day before each milking.  Their living quarters are maintained below 75 degrees with a high pressure misting system and they are fed a specially formulated, nutritionally balance diet with no growth hormones.  They also have their own nursery for baby cows.  Each cow gets a birth certificate and their own calf-crib.  By raising their own calves from their herd, they can ensure the highest quality dairy stock.  They also keep a closed herd without introducing new cows to the farm. 

All of those 10,000 cows are descendants of the original 20 cows – interesting.

The visitor barn:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (2)

As of 11 AM that morning, there were 13 calves born.

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (16)

Our trolley to take us on the tour:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (17)

Cows, Cows, and more cows:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (27)

Trying my hand at milking:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (31)

The milking facility:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (32)

We were all told about how the cows come in, then showered then milked.  They do 200 cows at a time – 4 rows of 50.  Each cow is milked twice a day – WOW!

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (58)

There are leader cows that bring each row in the facility.  Those leader cows are identified early in their lives.

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (63)

One of the many pens:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (67)

One of the babies:

12-08-13 A Shamrock Farms Tour Stanfield (91)

The babies are kept in individual pens when they are very young and then slowly moved in to larger and larger pens with more and more cows as they get older.

They also took us through the maternity ward and sick bay – this is quite an operation.

What a great tour and we learned a lot too.

Afterwards we took a ride around Maricopa and the west side of Casa Grande.  It was nice checking out new roads – Smile

That’s it for Part 2, stay tuned for Part 3 and enjoy today.


KarenInTheWoods Karen Pfundtner said...

Wow... what an impressive dairy operation!

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Wow , we have to make this a stop. We really enjoy informative tours like this.