October 25 - October 30, 2013 Pahrump and Friends

We have enjoyed our time in Pahrump (did I tell you that I like this park - Smile)

Besides doing the normal “stuff” - laundry, cleaning, shopping, etc..., we had a great time reconnecting with friends.  Over the weekend, we caught up with Toni and Doug (who we last saw at the steps near Lake Havasu in February). 

Peg and Larry (who we last saw at Sidewinder Road near Yuma in February) are here also.  We spent some time getting caught up with each other and had dinner at the local casino on Monday (pot roast buffet for $4.00 each - can’t beat that).

On Tuesday, Susan, Bruce, Geri, and John came to Pahrump and stayed at the Winery RV Park.  We met up for Happy Hour and went to the local Chinese Restaurant (Hmmmm, do see a pattern here around food - LOL!).  We will be going to Death Valley with them on Thursday.

Our last day here was Wednesday so we had a cookout at our place with Geri, John, Sue, Bruce, Peg, Larry, Toni and Doug - another great time.

The last time we were here at the SKP Park, they had great happy hours at 4PM.  We went the second night we were here and only four people showed up - sad!

I went to Beading on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday and saw so many familiar faces - had another great time chatting and getting caught up with everyone.  This is a talented group of ladies and I love just seeing all the things they are making. (Sorry to say that I have not done much beading in the last few months - hopefully that will change soon!)

Tomorrow we are going to Death Valley so stay tuned and enjoy today.


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