November 9, 2013 Cooking and Fiddling

After yesterday’s spectacular ride through Titus Canyon,  we couldn’t decide what to do today and that indecision led us to just hang out.  By late morning, I was getting in a cooking mood.  Now you have to understand that these moods hit me about three times a year.  I do cook otherwise but if given a choice I would not.

There has been a number of recipes on Facebook that I copied so today was the day I tried out three of them.

My menu was: Periogi Lasagna; Cabbage and Noodles (also know as Haluski); Fudge for Dessert (Heart Attack City, I know).

So this afternoon, I cooked while the girls kept me company.  We ate early and it was pretty good (Tina, you would be proud of me.)

This evening we went to the Fiddler’s contest at Furnace Creek Ranch.  Oh my, some people have so much talent!! 

A great evening and a great day for just hanging out.

Enjoy today.


PS..Will let you know when the mood kicks in again - maybe next spring perhaps - Smile

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