November 18-19, 2013 Casa Grande, Arizona

Monday, November 18

After our windows were fixed, we made the decision to head to our lot in Casa Grande.  We arrived there around 7 PM and pulled in the lot in the dark.  Let me tell you - it is a challenge to situate a motorhome in the dark.  But we made it!  We hooked up the electric, went to Subway to pick up dinner and then just relaxed!!!

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled: 61 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona - from Mesa: Main Street; Lindsey Street; Queen Creek Street; SR-87/587; I-10; SR-93/387; Cottonwood Road, Thornton Road; Gila Bend Highway; South Montgomery Road

Tuesday, November 19

I just have to say that coming back to our lot is just like coming home.  Today we spent visiting and doing things around the motorhome.  It is great to see everyone - Smile.

We expect to be here until January.  I will be blogging periodically but not daily until we start traveling again.

Until then - Enjoy today and...

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

  Mahatma Gandhi


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