September 30 - October 1, 2013 Travel to Decatur and Fleetwood Repair

Monday, September 30, 2013

The rain stopped sometime during the night although everything was still wet and foggy.  We packed up and made a stop at the local laundry in Celina.  I am always glad when the laundry is done - Smile.  It is even better when I could just walk it to the motorhome.  LOL.

After everything was put away, we made our journey north west to Decatur ( 32 miles - long drive - LOL!)

We went past farms with corn and soybeans:

09-30-13 A Travel Celina to Border US33 (4)

Cool looking old barn:

09-30-13 A Travel Celina to Border US33 (5)

The gentleman had some old gas station antiques on his property:

09-30-13 A Travel Celina to Border US33 (6)a

And into:

09-30-13 B Travel US33 (2)

We arrived at the Fleetwood Campground, set up, and then checked in.  Our appointment is for 6 AM tomorrow - Yikees!  I may need to set an alarm.  We are here for our hydraulic jack problem that we have been battling for a long time.  So hopefully we can leave here with it fixed.

Stats for Today:

Miles Traveled: 32 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Ohio: W. Market Street; US-127; US-33

Indiana: US-33; US-27

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

That alarm went off VERY EARLY - Sad smile...  But we got up and got ready.  I locked the cats in the bedroom and started shutting down.   Andy went to the office (he had to be there by 6 AM).  I turned the RV on, pushed the in button for the slide and - BANG - the left side of the slide stopped moving.  OH NO. 

So when Andy and the tech showed up, I had to give them the bad news - Sad smile.  The tech looked at parts of the slide and told us that he would be back when it was light out to get under and see what happened.  So we waited until the sun rose. (The good thing is that this happened right at the garage campground.)

Around 9 AM, the technician came back and found out that we had seared a bolt on that side.  (Oh, my).  After that was replaced, into the garage we went.  This garage is huge and must hold about 12 or more motorhomes at the time - it was amazing.

After signing all the papers, etc. we had a few hours to kill so a quick stop to the post office and then K-Mart.  And then we got the phone call to come back.  Turns out the one jack is bent and the part has to be ordered.  So we have to be here again early next week.  Okay then!

Our next decision was what to do - do we stay here or go play tourist somewhere else and come back.  Our final decision was to stay here tonight, then head up to Michigan tomorrow to the Ford Museum (plus there are a number of other things we can do there).

This afternoon Andy made a holder for our exit window.   Many of the RV forums and seminars advise that we have an emergency plan and open the emergency exit window periodically.  Well, the window in the bedroom is very heavy and I know it would be hard to hold it open and get out in a hurry.  So he made this great holder for one of the corners and will be making another one in the future for the other side.  Smile

By the way, the cats did great although the inside of the bedroom door is scratched up - Sad smile.

Of course, I had to include some cat pictures.

Dusty, my gentle giant - he is such a mellow and loving cat:

09-30-13 C Decatur (2)

09-30-13 C Decatur (5)a

Bella, my very active cat who loves doing poses in front of the window:


And cannot stand when the shades are down:

09-29-13 A Celina (3)

09-29-13 A Celina (2)

Stay tuned for our next adventures and enjoy today.



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