July 29, 2013 Fleetwood Tour and Heading East

This morning we stopped in to the Fleetwood Service office to let them know we were here for parts and the tour.  Next stop was the Parts Distribution Center to pick up our parts, go thru the store and purchase more items.  One thing we found out is that once you tell them your Fleetwood Identification Number (FIN), they can tell you all the part numbers for everything on the coach - Cool!
Then we were off to the Fleetwood Manufacturing Plant for our 9:00 AM tour where we met up with our neighbors from last night.  There was a total of 10 people on the tour but no pictures - Sad smile.   What a wonderful tour.  We went thru the manufacturing plant and Tom, our tour guide, explained each stage of the manufacturing process.  It was really interesting to see how the various components were put together and then how everything just fits.  We went thru the paint shop area and saw coaches in various stages of being painted.  Then we were able to go thru a couple of almost finished RVs.  One of them was one of the high end coaches - WOW. Beautiful inside and out but a little too much for me.  Fleetwood is now making a smaller diesel coach that looked nice from the outside but I did not like any of their floor plans.  I know if I wait long enough, they will change or there will be something else.  (Not that I am getting a new one - Smile)
The nice thing about the tour is that we got information on how our Bounder was put together so it will help us in updating our coach.  Now I need to spend some time in Lowes, Home Depot, and on line.
After the tour, we headed back home, said goodbye to our neighbors, packed up and headed east.  Yes, we are heading home to PA.
Scenes from the road:
07-29-13 A Travel Decatur to Border 224 (5)
07-29-13 B Travel 224 and 30 East (2)
07-29-13 B Travel 224 and 30 East (5)
07-29-13 B Travel 224 and 30 East (8)
07-29-13 B Travel 224 and 30 East (10)
07-29-13 B Travel 224 and 30 East (15)
After 200 miles, we found a nice Moose Lodge in Mogadore, Ohio to stay (with electric hookups).  We joined them for happy hour and had a nice time.
Tomorrow we expect to be at our house in PA so stay tuned and enjoy today.

Stats for today:
Miles Traveled: 207 Miles
Routes Traveled:
Indiana: US-27; US-224
Ohio: US-224; US-30; I-71; I-76; I-277; US-224; SR-532; Mogadore Road

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