July 16, 2013 Grand Marais

We had a slow morning and then decided to walk to town, check it out, and have lunch.  So off we went slowly - it was very hot and humid.

There is a very small downtown but some really cute houses along the way:

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (7)

This is the Agate House and Gitchee Gummee Museum - was not open when we first went to town:

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (2)

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (10)

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (8)

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (11)

How cute!

We made our way to the city park and enjoyed the sites and the cool breezes.

AHHHHHH!!!!  What a view for this gentlemen!

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (20)a

This house is for sale - would make a nice B&B:

07-16-13 A Grand Marais (28)

We had a nice lunch and headed back home.  I stopped at the Agate House and had a very interesting conversation with the agate lady (http://agatelady.com/   and http://agatelady.blogspot.com/).  What a wonderful lady and what a unique shop.

While I was in the shop, Andy walked back and the rain began.  Poor guy got soaking wet by the time he got home.   The rain did let up long enough for me to get back home but we had on and off storms all day.

We are heading off tomorrow so stay tuned and enjoy today.


Can you believe it - My blog has had over 50,000 views - WOW!  Thank you all so much for stopping by.


Judy and Emma said...

Leave it to someone from Chicago to live in a pickle barrel.

Diane said...

How funny, isn't it. But it had less room than my motorhome so I have to admire them - :-)