March 8, 2013 - A Stormy Day

We woke this morning to rain and wind.  As the morning progressed, the wind picked up speed so that we were rocking in the motorhome.  One gust felt like an earthquake to me and that is when we brought in our slide.  So we just hung out most of the day.  I did some computer work, reading and even a little beading.  And watched the RV’s traveling up and down 95 – Sheesh, I would not have wanted to be driving in this wind!

We decided to go the Grubsteak for their fish Fridays – and it was great!.  We have heard about this restaurant for years but just never got there (plus it is crazy busy during January with long waits).  Worth a visit!

Back home, we watched the clouds start to dissipate and even a partial sunset.  That is not blue skies above – it is actually one big cloud – oh my!

 03-08-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 007   

Looking to the northeast – very dark!:

03-08-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 008

And to the south – looks like the sky is on fire:

03-08-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 028

Arizona sunsets and sunrises – nothing like them – :-)!

And the kitties just loved us being around.  Aren’t they the cutest!

03-08-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 012


03-08-13 A Hi Jolly Quartzsite 024

Enjoy today!

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