January 28 – February 10, 2013 - Yuma

After saying our “see ya later”, we left our little spot and headed south to Yuma.  We arrived 2 hours later at a very crowded Yuma Lakes RV Park and was able to get a nice end spot:

01-31-13 A Yuma 006

Every once in a while we just need to spend that time in what I call a “reset.”  Not only cleaning and laundry but fixing or improving all the little things that break or need to be improved.  So these past two weeks have been a reset for us!

We spent days getting the dust and dirt out of the inside; Laundry – LOTS of laundry; Had the chip on our windshield fixed – it looks nice – :-); Had the outside washed by Roberts and Andy waxed the outside; and got caught up with paperwork, emails, blog, computer stuff, and made all the phone calls we need to make (I hope anyway).

We made our shopping rounds – AZ Marketplace, Wal-Mart, Frys, etc. and of course some of the fruit/vegetable stands in the area – :-)

And I made a side and back sunscreen for our awning:

02-06-13 A Yuma 007

02-06-13 A Yuma 002

I was really pleased – they came out nice.  The back screen can be moved to the front if needed.  Still haven’t decided if I will make a front one – then it will be like a screen room.

And we added a decal to our door window:

02-09-13 A Yuma 002

Our kitties, now that the vacuum cleaner is no longer running.

01-31-13 A Yuma 004

01-31-13 A Yuma 003

They just make me smile – :-)).

We were able to reconnect with family and friends who were in Yuma.

Sandy and Raul (our son-in-law’s parents) who we have not seen since last season:

 02-02-13 A Yuma 001

Bonnie and Ron who we met near Randall, Washington in 2009.  We have not seen them in a few years when they came to see us in PA.:

 02-04-13 A Yuma 002

A picnic in the desert with Larry and Peggy and their friends and neighbors.

Andy, Clovis, Ann, Sue, Larry, Peggy, Dale (I think I got them all right):

02-07-13 A Yuma - Sidewinder CA 003a

It was great to see everyone.  Did I say we were blessed – :-).

Tomorrow we are traveling north to the “Steps” – an area between Lake Havasu and Parker.

Stay tuned and enjoy today! 

Stats for the 28th:

Miles Traveled: 86 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Mitchell Mine Road: Service Road (Dome Rock Road East); South Laguna Dam Road (Ave 7E); E County 6th Street; S, Avenue 8 1/2 E


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