January 14 - 27, 2013 Quartzsite and Boomerville

On the 14th, we traveled with Bill and Shelly to Quartzsite.  Right before we got off the exit, we saw Geri and John on the frontage road heading towards Boomerville.  What a coincidence – :-))  So after traveling 2 more miles on the dirt road, we came to Boomerville, where we found Bruce and Sue and stayed for the past two weeks.

A little background: Quartzsite is the town, normally ~3000 year round residents.  But in the winter, specifically January and February, there are more than 100,000 RVs camped at the RV parks and in the desert (on BLM lands) surrounding the town.  The big draw is the RV show and many of the Gem and Minerals shows throughout the town.   Many RV clubs and chapters have rallies during this time.  As you know we belong to the Escapee RV Club which has many sub groups.  One of those groups is the Boomers who have their rally during this time – Boomerville.  This year there were over 100 rigs that stayed in our area.

Side view from the desert of Boomerville:

01-14-13 A Quartzsite 003

Our little area:

01-17-13 0A Quartzsite (2)

There are so many activities both in Boomerville and Quartzsite that it can be over whelming.  But the best thing for me is reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones. The downside is not having enough time to spend with each one – :-(((.

So what did we do for two weeks?  Well,

Walks in the desert:

Molly – Sue and Bruce’s dog:

01-14-13 A Quartzsite 005

Neat cacti:

01-17-13 A Quartzsite 012

Shopping, shopping and more shopping…This is our group heading to the “Big RV Tent”.

Jerry, Darlene, Shelly, Andy, John, Bruce, Bill, Geri, Sue, Bob, Jackie:

01-19-13 A Quartzsite 001

John, Jerry, Andy, Bill, Diane, Geri, Sue, Bob, Jackie, Shelly, Bruce (same group – :-)):

01-19-13 0A Quartzsite (1)

Eating, Eating,  and more eating:

One of our visits to Silly Al’s – great pizza:

01-20-12 0A Quartzsite (3)

In Boomerville, we had a chili cook-off, lots of potlucks and happy hour snacks – oh my. 

Campfires every night where we laughed and laughed, told stories (mostly true – LOL) and solved the problems of the world.:

 01-22-13 A Quartzsite (2)

A 4 x 4 trip with WOW scenery:

01-24-13 A Quartzsite 009

01-24-13 A Quartzsite 010

And speaking of scenery:

01-17-13 A Quartzsite 025

01-24-13 B Quartzsite 004

 01-24-13 B Quartzsite 006

01-26-13 A Quartzsite 006

01-27-13 A Quartzsite 002

01-17-13 A Quartzsite 036

The sunrises and sunsets – OH MY!:

 01-21-13 0 A Quartzsite 003

01-22-13 A Quartzsite (1) 

The following two pictures are of a sunrise. That morning we heard Bella meowing behind the blinds and then the blinds took on a reddish hue.  We did not know what was going on until we opened the blinds and the sunrise  - WOW! - It was BEAUTIFUL!:

01-23-13 A Quartzsite 002

 01-23-13 A Quartzsite 004   

And we spent every day telling even more stories and laughing and laughing and laughing….. we are so blessed!

Geri, Me, Sue, Shelly:

    01-25-13 A Quartzsite 009  

As our time in Quartzsite ended, we watched a moon rise over the mountains – Beautiful!:

01-27-13 A Quartzsite 019a

01-27-13 A Quartzsite 027


So many other things we did but I did not keep daily notes – which brings me to an apology to all my blog readers.  I was very lax in not keeping up the blog – sorry.   And an apology to me too since I did want this blog to be a travel journal.  So hopefully once I get caught up, I will do a blog a few times a week if not daily – :-))).


Stats for the 14th:

Miles Traveled: 186 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona:  South Montgomery Road; I-8; SR-85; I-10; Service Road (Dome Rock Road East); Mitchell Mine Road



Enjoy today!


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh I could sure use some desert and Quartzsite right about now. (as I look out at the snow falling and falling and falling out my window)

Karen and Steve
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Diane said...

Hopefully we will meet up one day here in the SW. :-))