February 11, 2013 – Travel to “The Steps”

We left the lush farmlands of Yuma:

 02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 001

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 003 

Into the rain:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 006 

For years we have seen this balloon/blimp as we headed to and from Yuma:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 015

I knew it had something to do with Border Patrol but not sure exactly what they did.   Well, I came across an article about them.

“The helium and air filled radar blimp (or Aerostat) is known as Yuma's border-watching “eye in the sky” It is tethered at Yuma Proving Ground and hovers about two miles above ground as it scans the desert for low-flying aircraft that could be bringing illegal drugs into the United States. The Yuma aerostat is one of eight along the southern border of the U.S., with additional crafts in Texas, New Mexico, the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico and, closest by, Fort Huachuca. The system of blimps is known as the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) program and is owned by the U.S. Air Force.

An aerostat has operated at YPG since 1989. About two dozen people work around the clock at the Yuma site.

The aerostat can detect activity up to about 230 miles away. All radar data is transmitted to a ground station and to the Air-Marine Interdiction Center at March Air Reserve Base in Southern California. A cable keeps the 208-foot-long aerostat tethered to the ground.”

Read more: http://www.yumasun.com/articles/program-84953-aerostat-tars.html#ixzz2Jtfgomig

So now we know what they are – although there is now talk about grounding them because of budget cuts – :-(((.

I see clear skies ahead:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 024

Whenever it rains, the desert starts to turn green – notice the grass – cool:


02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 033 

As we approached Parker, the topography changes.  From this point north, we followed the Colorado River:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 032

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 039 

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 047 

Awesome, isn’t it!

This is part of Lake Havasu and the Bill Williams Refuge.  In the distance notice the golden color – I call it the wheat river – :-).

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 049

We arrived at “The Steps” where we will be for the next week seeing old friends, meeting new ones, going to a birthday party, and seeing the fireworks at the Winter Blast.

We were here last year so I won’t be posting any history.  Here is the link:


Stay tuned for our adventures this week – :-)


Miles Traveled: 136 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Avenue 8 1/2 E; E County 6th Street; South Laguna Dam Road (Ave 7E); US-95; Stopped at MM 165 - “The Steps”


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