February 18 - 20, 2013 Parker and Emerald Cove

On Monday we said our “See Ya Later’s” and traveled on down the road to Parker.  We checked into Emerald Cove and put our names on the riverfront waiting list.  Lo and behold, within an hour, we were riverfront.  Once we set up, we just kicked back and relaxed the rest of the day.

Tuesday was spent cleaning and laundry and watching the storm roll in – high winds and rain.

Today, Wednesday, we woke to high winds and heavy rains but by lunch time, the sun came out – SmileOpen-mouthed

I was able to get some pictures of our site and view:

02-20-13 A Emerald Cove 005

02-20-13 A Emerald Cove 002

02-20-13 A Emerald Cove 003

02-20-13 A Emerald Cove 004

The spaces are a little tight but the view – oh my!

So I got caught up with the blog and emails and paperwork.  As I sit here, the clouds and rain have come back – :-(((   Later this afternoon, we have a meeting with CRA.  There has been some confusion with our contract so stay tuned for that one!!  ConfusedSurprised

Shelly and Bill came in today for a few days so it will be good to get together with them and get caught up. :-))).

We hope to do some exploring while we are here so stay tuned for that also.

Enjoy today.

Stats for the 18th: 

Miles Traveled: 30 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: US-95; SR-72

California: SR-62; Parker Dam Road


February 12 to February 17, 2012 - The Steps, Lake Havasu, and Fireworks

This is our site here at the Steps” – John and Geri; Sue and Bruce, Us:

02-14-12 A The Steps 039

On Friday, Bill and Shelly joined us:

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 005

And here we are:

02-14-12 A The Steps 008

And this is our group – there was almost 100 rigs – :-))):

02-14-12 A The Steps 007

02-14-12 A The Steps 003 

We met Rusty on Day 2.  This is his rig – that he built.  He was a very interesting fellow and camped up the hill from us:

02-12-13 A The Steps 005 

 02-12-13 A The Steps 010

So many times when we meet people like Rusty, we tend to ignore them and I am just as guilty.  But for some reason, I wanted to hear his story.  He spent 30 years in the service, retired and started walking and camping.  Two years ago he built this because he is having health issues and can no longer sleep in the elements.  And I keep thinking – “There but for the grace of God, go I.”  Later in the week, Andy and I talked with him at his campsite and when we said goodbye, he said “God bless you”.   I wanted to give him a hug.

So while we were here, we did some walking around the hills and washes:

  02-14-12 A The Steps 014

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 003

02-14-12 A The Steps 010  

02-17-13 A Lake Havasu 002

02-14-12 A The Steps 018

 02-14-12 A The Steps 019 

02-14-12 A The Steps 032

02-14-12 A The Steps 037

02-14-12 A The Steps 016

At the top of the hill – Renada, Mike, Geri, John, Sue, Bruce, me, Andy”

02-14-12 A The Steps 027

The boys did some exploring in the Jeep:

02-13-12 B The Steps 4x4 008

02-13-12 B The Steps 4x4 010

We went to the Lake Havasu Elks once for ribs and the second time for prime rib – YUM!

02-13-12 C Elks Lake Havasu 002

We also had a great potluck picnic – Ed’s birthday party; and a BBQ at Kathy and Dennis’s house in Lake Havasu (Thanks for having us – :-))

And, of course, the AWESOME fireworks show!

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 015

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 005

02-15-13 A Lake Havasu Fireworks 010


And videos – click on the links below:

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

We have had a wonderful time at the Steps but alas, it is time to move on.  Tomorrow we head to Parker for a few weeks so stay tuned.

Maxzine 1



February 11, 2013 – Travel to “The Steps”

We left the lush farmlands of Yuma:

 02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 001

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 003 

Into the rain:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 006 

For years we have seen this balloon/blimp as we headed to and from Yuma:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 015

I knew it had something to do with Border Patrol but not sure exactly what they did.   Well, I came across an article about them.

“The helium and air filled radar blimp (or Aerostat) is known as Yuma's border-watching “eye in the sky” It is tethered at Yuma Proving Ground and hovers about two miles above ground as it scans the desert for low-flying aircraft that could be bringing illegal drugs into the United States. The Yuma aerostat is one of eight along the southern border of the U.S., with additional crafts in Texas, New Mexico, the Florida Keys, Puerto Rico and, closest by, Fort Huachuca. The system of blimps is known as the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) program and is owned by the U.S. Air Force.

An aerostat has operated at YPG since 1989. About two dozen people work around the clock at the Yuma site.

The aerostat can detect activity up to about 230 miles away. All radar data is transmitted to a ground station and to the Air-Marine Interdiction Center at March Air Reserve Base in Southern California. A cable keeps the 208-foot-long aerostat tethered to the ground.”

Read more: http://www.yumasun.com/articles/program-84953-aerostat-tars.html#ixzz2Jtfgomig

So now we know what they are – although there is now talk about grounding them because of budget cuts – :-(((.

I see clear skies ahead:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 024

Whenever it rains, the desert starts to turn green – notice the grass – cool:


02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 033 

As we approached Parker, the topography changes.  From this point north, we followed the Colorado River:

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 032

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 039 

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 047 

Awesome, isn’t it!

This is part of Lake Havasu and the Bill Williams Refuge.  In the distance notice the golden color – I call it the wheat river – :-).

02-11-13 A US95 Yuma to Lake Havasu 049

We arrived at “The Steps” where we will be for the next week seeing old friends, meeting new ones, going to a birthday party, and seeing the fireworks at the Winter Blast.

We were here last year so I won’t be posting any history.  Here is the link:


Stay tuned for our adventures this week – :-)


Miles Traveled: 136 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Avenue 8 1/2 E; E County 6th Street; South Laguna Dam Road (Ave 7E); US-95; Stopped at MM 165 - “The Steps”



January 28 – February 10, 2013 - Yuma

After saying our “see ya later”, we left our little spot and headed south to Yuma.  We arrived 2 hours later at a very crowded Yuma Lakes RV Park and was able to get a nice end spot:

01-31-13 A Yuma 006

Every once in a while we just need to spend that time in what I call a “reset.”  Not only cleaning and laundry but fixing or improving all the little things that break or need to be improved.  So these past two weeks have been a reset for us!

We spent days getting the dust and dirt out of the inside; Laundry – LOTS of laundry; Had the chip on our windshield fixed – it looks nice – :-); Had the outside washed by Roberts and Andy waxed the outside; and got caught up with paperwork, emails, blog, computer stuff, and made all the phone calls we need to make (I hope anyway).

We made our shopping rounds – AZ Marketplace, Wal-Mart, Frys, etc. and of course some of the fruit/vegetable stands in the area – :-)

And I made a side and back sunscreen for our awning:

02-06-13 A Yuma 007

02-06-13 A Yuma 002

I was really pleased – they came out nice.  The back screen can be moved to the front if needed.  Still haven’t decided if I will make a front one – then it will be like a screen room.

And we added a decal to our door window:

02-09-13 A Yuma 002

Our kitties, now that the vacuum cleaner is no longer running.

01-31-13 A Yuma 004

01-31-13 A Yuma 003

They just make me smile – :-)).

We were able to reconnect with family and friends who were in Yuma.

Sandy and Raul (our son-in-law’s parents) who we have not seen since last season:

 02-02-13 A Yuma 001

Bonnie and Ron who we met near Randall, Washington in 2009.  We have not seen them in a few years when they came to see us in PA.:

 02-04-13 A Yuma 002

A picnic in the desert with Larry and Peggy and their friends and neighbors.

Andy, Clovis, Ann, Sue, Larry, Peggy, Dale (I think I got them all right):

02-07-13 A Yuma - Sidewinder CA 003a

It was great to see everyone.  Did I say we were blessed – :-).

Tomorrow we are traveling north to the “Steps” – an area between Lake Havasu and Parker.

Stay tuned and enjoy today! 

Stats for the 28th:

Miles Traveled: 86 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Mitchell Mine Road: Service Road (Dome Rock Road East); South Laguna Dam Road (Ave 7E); E County 6th Street; S, Avenue 8 1/2 E