January 1 – 13, 2013 Casa Grande Part 3

Hard to believe our time here on our lot in Casa Grande is winding down.  Since I last updated we have continued our daily activities here – socializing with friends, beading, walking, playing cards, eating out, etc.   However for me (Diane), it has been on a slower scale – the cold I had, zapped a lot of my strength and it has taken longer than normal to get it back.  But I can honestly say that each day I am better and am almost up to my normal self – :-))).

We had a cold wave move in and with it came a sandstorm – very eerie. 

01-10-13 A Casa Grande 008

Also with it, temperatures have dropped drastically – day time highs barely hit 50 and nighttime lows are in the 20’s – Brrrr!!!   Hopefully by next weekend it should be back to normal.

I did get new tire covers made for the RV that now match the window covers:

01-12-13 A Casa Grande 015

Next up is covering from the awning to match the windows – :-).

We have had many hummingbirds stopping by to eat.

01-12-13 A Casa Grande 039

01-12-13 A Casa Grande 027 

 01-12-13 A Casa Grande 013 

 01-12-13 B Casa Grande 001

01-12-13 B Casa Grande 003

The feeder is outside the window cover so the birds cannot see in but we can see them.  And it has been fun watching the kitties watch them. 

Tomorrow we head to Quartzsite for the shows and rallies and more fun – :-).   So stayed tuned – we hope to do some exploring.

Enjoy today!

Enjoy the Ride