February 26 – 27, 2012 Just Hanging Out

We woke a breezy Sunday so instead of taking the kayak out on the river, I cleaned and did laundry while Andy worked on cleaning and waxing the motorhome.  (Fun stuff – NOT).  In the evening we took a nice walk around the park and stopped at the pool bar to listen to the karaoke.  What can I say – some people are great and others, well, I guess a few drinks give you lots of courage. – :-)).

Today, Monday, Andy continued working on the motorhome while I did some grocery shopping and bills.  The winds came in around noon and we have been rocking and rolling ever since.  PLUS there is now a layer of dust over everything.  Oh well, so much for cleaning.   So we are just hanging out in the motorhome, watching the white caps on the Colorado River, and hoping my allergies don’t kick up because of all the dust.

I picked up a cheap ($6.00) camera at Wal-Mart that we can take out on the kayak.  So this afternoon we played around with it – the pictures and videos aren’t bad (See the pictures below).

Andy and Dusty relaxing:

02-27-12 Emerald Cove (1)


The view out of our side window – the blue is the Colorado River:

02-27-12 Emerald Cove (3)

We are hoping that the wind is gone tomorrow to get back out on the kayak.

Stay tuned and have a great day!

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