January 29 – 31, 2012 Geocaching

On Sunday after saying our goodbyes, we traveled about 15 miles to the Escapee Geocachers BOF Rally (another Escapee subgroup).  Andy and I have been interested in doing some caching and wanted to know more about it.  So we were told “Just Show Up” and that is what we did.

Many of the people there were also Boomers so it was like a mini “Boomerville” except with lots of learning.

On Sunday night, we went to the “Z-Circle” that Sue Pace put together (thanks, Sue).  There were 5 rigs that were host rigs.  Because of the time frame, we did three rotations.  So this is how it works.  We showed up at the first rig with a snack (along with other people).  For about 30 minutes, we all got to know each other, then a horn would blow and we moved to another rig with new people for another 30 minutes and then one more time.  This was our first Z-circle and we had a great time and got to know lots of folks in a short time.  Thank you Sue.

On Monday, we went to three classes and learned about geocaching – introduction and what does it all mean; the software and web sites – how to get around them; and learning our GPS.  On Tuesday, we participated in Geocache games and learned about what we should take along when we do go.  The nice thing for us is that many of the items we already carry in our hiking bag.  Smile

And I have to do a Thank you to Pam, who has and is mentoring us in this hobby.   Now all we need to do is go out and do it!

Here is where we parked:

 01-29-12 Geocache Rally 004

The classes took place here next to Judy and Luke’s rig:

01-29-12 Geocache Rally 002 

A sampling of the different type of travel bugs, trackables, and path tags:

01-31-12 Geocache Rally (3)

 01-31-12 Geocache Rally (4)

01-31-12 Geocache Rally (7)

 01-31-12 Geocache Rally 002

01-31-12 Geocache Rally 010

01-31-12 Geocache Rally 014

01-31-12 Geocache Rally 026

01-31-12 Geocache Rally 029

So stay tuned for our new adventure.

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