January 17 - 28, 2012 Boomerville in Quartzsite

Quartzsite and Boomerville – What a wonderful time we had – :-))).

We belong to a sub group of the Escapee Club known as the Boomers and every year in Quartzsite there is a non-structured rally for two weeks.  This year there was over 130 rigs parked in the desert.   We reconnected with old friends and made new ones.Open-mouthed

There is also many rallies throughout the Quartzsite area and on the 18th and 19th, the Escapee Club sponsored two happy hours.  When we came to the southwest in 08/09, we were adopted by another couple who took us under their wings.  And we saw them again at the main Happy Hour – how wonderful!

Here is Boomerville:

01-22-12 Tom Aerial View Boomerville (1)

The arrow points to our rig:

01-22-12 Tom Aerial View Boomerville (1XXX)

We parked with Bill and Shelly and Bruce and Sue.  Bill and Shelly’s rig is on the left, we are in the center, and Bruce and Sue are on the right.  Don also stayed with us for a few days too but his rig is not in this photo.

01-27-12 Boomerville B (5)

Our rig – notice the new sunscreens (from Yuma).  It really makes a nice difference in the motorhome:

01-18-12 Boomerville 009

The weather was wonderful most days this year and we took advantage of it.  Most mornings, Tom would take off in his ultra light (the aerial pictures above are from him – thanks Tom)

 01-18-12 Boomerville 004

01-18-12 Boomerville 005 

01-18-12 Boomerville 007

Happy Hours and Announcements were held here every day at 4 PM:

  01-18-12 Boomerville 011

Campfires on non windy nights – L-R – Geri, Sue, Bruce, Andy, Shelly, Bill, and John:

01-26-12 Boomerville 002a

And in between……

Chili Contest

The judges:

01-20-12 A Chili Cookoff in Q 013

The winners – Bill placed 2nd:

01-20-12 A Chili Cookoff in Q 015

Andy and Bill:

01-20-12 A Chili Cookoff in Q 005 

Our group awaiting the Judging – Don, Andy, Sue, Bill, Shelly (Bruce was a judge):

01-20-12 A Chili Cookoff in Q 011  

This was even an entry – how funny!

01-20-12 A Chili Cookoff in Q 010

There were LOTS of entries – and a great dinner afterwards.  I even made a pot and called it “Non-Farty Chili” by Gassy’s Wife – LOL!.  It was actually hamburger stew and tasted pretty good (Tina, you would be proud!)

We made a trip to the Desert Bar one day.  This bar is only open from September thru May on Saturday and Sunday.  And it is all powered by solar.  We have been here twice before (so I will not be giving any history this time but here is a link if you want to read more: http://www.thedesertbar.com/)

The Bar is north of Parker and then back on a dirt road for 5 miles – the scenery along the way is BEAUTIFUL!

01-21-12 Desert Bar 001

01-21-12 Desert Bar 004

01-21-12 Desert Bar 034

The last turn – very tight:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 055

The Church:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 006

The owner’s home:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 010

The Bar:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 047

 01-21-12 Desert Bar 056

The view from the Ladies Room – oh my:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 015

The bathroom sink:

01-21-12 Desert Bar 018    

Another day, Andy, Bill, and Bruce went on a 4x4 trip where they came upon this cabin:

01-26-12 Boomerville 4x4 Quartzsite 021

Where people left items that went undisturbed:

 01-26-12 Boomerville 4x4 Quartzsite 005 

Their destination was “Dripping Springs” where they found these petroglyphs:

01-26-12 Boomerville 4x4 Quartzsite 026  

And, of course, that day, the girls went shopping.  This is the camel at Gem World:

 01-27-12 Boomerville 002

Another day, there was the “Geraldine” Contest.  From what I understand, there was this gentleman named Jerry who was very curious about the women’s circles.  And one day he dressed up like a lady just to see what was going on.  Jerry has since died and every year they have a contest in his memory.  Mark (on the right with the pink hair) won the contest.

01-24-12 Boomerville 062

Group Pictures (thanks Judie):


Some of our other activities included:

Lots of socializing (which is why I did not write a blog – :-(((;

Geocaching Seminar; Tablet Seminar; Potlucks; Lots of shopping – :-)))); Playing Mexican Train; And just a general good time.

One of the other things we did was sign this flag for our troops.  Here is the link http://supportrsoldiers.org/ and I would encourage you to check it out.  They are doing a lot of good work. (Thanks, Judie for the picture.)

BoomervilleTroups Flag group

And this was Friday night – our last night all together:

Bruce, Sue, Me, Andy, John, Geri, Bill, and Shelly

01-27-12 Boomerville 019

We have all had such a wonderful time and I will miss them all as we are all off to various parts of the U.S.   Hopefully we will all be together again next season.

We are so blessed with the people in our lives – :-).

Enjoy today.

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