February 25, 2012 Poston and Earp

After doing my research the other night on the Poston camps, we set out to find the ruins of Camp Poston Number 1.   And we found it:

 02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 001

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 003

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 002 

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 010

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 012 

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 018

02-25-12 A Poston Camp 1 020 

We could not get into the fenced area and once we saw the main road blocked by dirt piles, we figured we better not trespass out of respect for the project underway to restore many of the building as well as the stories and memories of this time.  Here is the link with more information:   http://postonupdates.blogspot.com/

From there we made a scenic drive back to Earp over the Colorado River:

02-25-12 B Colorado River near Poston 006

02-25-12 B Colorado River near Poston 001

If you look at the above pictures, one side of the river is farmland and the other is desert – amazing!

And we stopped in Earp, California to do a cache by these ruins (could not find out anything about them – sorry):

02-25-12 C Earp CA Cache 007

Did you know Earp, California was named in honor of Wyatt Earp?  In 1906 Wyatt Earp and his third wife, Josie came to Vidal (close to Earp) and filed more than 100 mining claims in the area.  Earp (formerly known as Drennan) was the site of some of those claims and in 1930 when the post office was established, the settlement was renamed Earp in Wyatt Earp’s honor.  Very interesting!

This evening we enjoyed a great steak dinner at the club house – yum!


Enjoy today.

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