February 19, 2012 – Windows, Cards, and Winter Blast

 Windows – Foggy – Yuck!

Our Bounder has double pane windows and a number of them have leaked and are dirty.  The critical ones for us are the side ones – driver and passenger – where we need to look out for the side mirrors.  We have checked a number of places and the cost was really high.  So when a note was posted on the Boomer Board about a gentleman who does it reasonably we had to check it out.   Both Mark and Chuck were having their windows done so when Joe showed up to do Mark’s we talked with him and were able to get those two windows done at a great price.  (Thanks Mark and Chuck for finding this guy.)

His name is Joe Colvin – 602-505-3802 - http://www.autoglassboss.com/

Our window is being repaired:

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 002 

Andy supervising – :-)):

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 007

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 008

This is where I sat while the work was being done:

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 004 

Taking in the view and realizing how blessed we truly are:

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 016

Dick doing the same:

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 005   

All done:

02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 011 

About 2, a bunch of us met here at the table and Dick taught us to play Anaconda (or Chase the Ace).  We laughed and played and laughed some more – and this great scenery and weather all around us – WOW!


02-19-12 A The Steps - LHC 009

And this evening we were off again to the last night of Winter Blast.

This is an anvil and check out the video:

02-19-12 Winter Blast - LHC 003

How funny – :-)).

And the last of the videos:

We have had wonderful time here at the Steps  - the fireworks, the birthday party, the weather, but most of all seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Tomorrow we are heading to Emerald Cove for a few weeks so stay tuned.

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