February 18, 2012 – Ed’s Birthday Party and Winter Blast

Another one of the reasons we are here is for Ed’s Birthday Party.  Meet Ed/Duane:

02-18-2012 Duane 

This is funny story.  A few years ago while here at the Steps, Betty wanted to have a surprise party for Duane.  She was having a hard time finding a birthday cake at the local grocery stores.  One store did have a sheet cake however it was for Ed who had died.  They gave it to her for half price and every year since then, the Boomers have been celebrating Ed’s/Duane’s Birthday.  How Funny.  This year’s cake:

02-18-2012 Cake

Betty and Duane made hotdogs for all and the rest of us supplied the other food – Another great time.

And this evening more AWESOME fireworks:




Enjoy today.

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