February 16, 2012 The Steps and Winter Blast

We woke to a beautiful morning and decided to take a walk to the top of both of the hills surrounding us.  The pictures are not in order – just so I could tell the story.

Here we are – second from the left:

02-16-12 The Steps 040

Our first hike was to the top of this hill – notice the steps:

02-16-12 The Steps 016

02-16-12 The Steps 017

Check out the motorhome at the top – what a view – that is Lake Havasu in the distance:

02-16-12 The Steps 035

Now I am not sure what the story of this property is – I have heard there was a mine and this was part of the reclamation.  Another story is that a developer bought it, then ran out of money.  Anyway we can camp here for free – isn’t that great!

The second hike was to the top of the flat hill on the right:

02-16-12 The Steps 003

And the pictures from above – most RVs are from the Boomer group and the SOLO group (both Escapee sub groups):

02-16-12 The Steps 006

02-16-12 The Steps 007

02-16-12 The Steps 014  

02-16-12 The Steps 019 

02-16-12 The Steps 038

We met Glenda and Don at the top of the first hill and the four of us went to the top of the second where we met up with Ken and Jo – :-).

Some other shots from along the way:

02-16-12 The Steps 024

Cacti grow in the most amazing places:

02-16-12 The Steps 026

And the hills go on forever:

(02-16-12 The Steps 027 

Tomorrow we went up that road –:-) - see next blog:

02-16-12 The Steps 030  

What a great walk.

After Happy Hour, Gloria, Frank, Andy and I went into the Winter Blast where we met Judy and Luke.

So what is Winter Blast, you ask – :-).  Well, every February in Lake Havasu City, the Western Pyrotechnics Association hold their annual Convention and Fireworks Show.  They have seminars, trade shows, pyrotechnic supply vending and open shooting and shows.  And the public enjoy the open shooting and shows.

So today was amateur night open shooting – a little disappointing for us but we will see what tomorrow’s show brings.

Stay tuned.

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