February 1 – 5, 2012 Casa Grande

After saying our goodbyes on the 1st, we headed east to Casa Grande and the Escape CO-OP Park where we will be for two weeks.  We found out that we are number 4 on the list.  Yee Ha!  We just may get a lot here this season. Smile  

For us, coming to this park is almost like coming home.  We have met some wonderful people here over the years and it is always good to see them again.  We are truly blessed with the people in our life.

So the past few days, I have been working on getting caught up with all my computer “stuff” and taxes.  If I owe you an email and you have not received it, please email me again.  And with this blog I should be caught up..

Speaking of the blog, I have been going thru a “should I” or “shouldn’t I” continue.  And then comes the question: what type of blog do I want to have – a travel blog, a personal blog, a combination of both, or none.  I admire those who keep a journal – something I would love to do but know me well enough that I know I won’t keep it up.   When I first started doing this (can you believe it is almost 5 years ago – WOW!), it was to be a travel blog only.  When we got home, I stopped blogging.  When we spent a few weeks with family, I posted rarely.  And my belief was that it is my personal life – not to be fully public.   Somewhere over the past year or two, we have slowed down in sightseeing and become more involved in socializing – :-)),  which really is a good thing but then how much do I want to publish.  Hmmmmm…… much to think about.  ConfusedThinking

Speaking about socializing, last evening we were invited to Bob and Donna’s Happy Hour – very nice and we got to meet and talk with more of the people who have a lot here.  There are also a number of ham radio people here so they are talking about starting a club.  I know Andy will enjoy that.

We also have some friends that are in the area and hope to get together with them later this week.

This coming week is the park’s annual meeting and celebration so since we are so close to being residents, it will be interesting to see how it all works.   And between all that we will be doing organizing, cleaning and a few things I want to do in the motorhome.

Our little kitties are doing well.  And they do just love being together:

 02-02-12 Casa Grande 003

02-02-12 Casa Grande 007

And I will leave you with two photos from Boomerville – thanks Judie:

Boomerville - 2012 317

Boomerville - 2012 075

Our stats for February 1st:

Miles Traveled: 186 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: Plumosa Road (Quartzsite); SR-95; I-10 Business; I-10; SR-85; I-8; Montgomery Road


Laugh when you can,

Apologize when you should,

Let go of things you can't change,

Life is too short to be anything but happy.

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