January 10 – 16, 2011 Yuma

Another great week filled with….

Shopping – The Arizona Marketplace, the Yuma Swap Meet, the Yuma Indoor Marketplace, and the usual Wal-Mart, etc.

Eating out – oh my!

A visit to Los Algodones for medicine and alcohol – not necessarily taken together – :-).

Andy and Bill  -  4 Wheeling in the Desert.

Playing Mexican Train – I really like that game.

Visiting Betty’s Kitchen, Mittrey Lake, and McPhaul’s Bridge (even getting to walk over the bridge, although I am not sure we were supposed to – :-)).

So do I have pictures – why, yes I do – :-)))

Thanks, Judie, for this picture – our Boomer group at Ron and Sharon’s place in the Foothills.  And also thanks to Sharon and Ron for hosting.

01-10-12 Boomer HH Yuma

Goofing off at the Moose:

 01-13-12 Yuma 003

01-13-12 Yuma 001

Birds at Betty’s Kitchen:

  01-15-12 A Betty's Kitchen Yuma 005

01-15-12 A Betty's Kitchen Yuma 006

01-15-12 A Betty's Kitchen Yuma 011

01-15-12 A Betty's Kitchen Yuma 016a

When we drove to Betty’s Kitchen, we were shocked to see very little vegetation.  Most of the area was devastated by a fire last spring and is now closed – so sad.  According to the internet, they suspect the fire was manmade.   What a change!

Our next stop was the McPhaul Bridge – sometimes called the Bridge to Nowhere.  It is an 800’ Suspension bridge which spanned the Gila River when it was built in 1929 and it was used on the main route from Yuma to Quartzsite.

This link has some great background on the bridge:



 01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 002  

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 011

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 013 

The bridge has been closed for nearly 80 years and is in disrepair – notice the hole – scary:

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 022

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 020 

Our happy group:

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 028

The Gila River – or what is left of it now that dams and irrigation canals are in place:

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 025 

 01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 019

And I cannot leave Yuma without talking about the farming.  The valleys are so green and surrounded by the desert – what contrasts:

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 006

01-15-12 A Betty's Kitchen Yuma 002

And just when you need to go – LOL!!!:

01-15-12 C McPhaul's Bridge Yuma 005

So that brings us to today – Monday.  We left Yuma Lakes and are parked at Specialty Sewing Senter.  They were running a great special for sun shades so we got four windows done – the windshield, both sides on the front, and the large window by the couch plus the windshield wipers.  It looks nice and will have a picture on the next post.   Bill and Shelly also had the same done as well as tire covers.   The special included the windshield, plus three windows, wipers and a cover.   So if you are in the area check them out.   If you bring in your RV, they will get it done in a day – costs more if they have to come to you.

So because it was late when we were both finished, we are staying in their parking lot.  Tomorrow we are off to Quartzsite and Boomerville, so stay tuned.

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