December 14 - 21, 2011 Organ Pipe Pizza, Cats, and Casa Grande

On Thursday, 15th, we had an Escape get together at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. We were here last year and here is the post with details on this really neat place:


More info at: http://www.organstoppizza.com/

But this year I have videos and only a few pictures – enjoy:

Check out this organ:

12-15-11 B Organ Stop Pizza (3)

 12-15-11 B Organ Stop Pizza (15)

And the videos:








We had a wonderful time and the music was great.  From there we went to the Church of Latter Day Saints for Mesa Temple Garden Christmas Lights and it was OUTSTANDING!

12-15-11 C Mormon Tab Lights in Mesa 008 





Bill, Shelly, Andy, and I enjoying the lights:

12-15-11 C Mormon Tab Lights in Mesa 009 

And our last stop was the Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler -  different - Smile.

Info from the internet:

“This unique Chandler tradition began in 1957, when Chandler resident Earl Barnum raised the idea of a tumbleweed tree after he saw a similar one in Indiana built out of cone-shaped chicken wire with pine boughs stuck in the holes. Many members of the community helped create the first tree in Chandler using tumbleweeds that they gathered from around town. Little did these folks know that they were the first to do such a thing and that it would continue as an annual Christmas tradition from then on. In fact, Chandler is the only city in the southwestern United States that has such a tree!

How is it done?

First, members of the City's Park Operations Division gather tumbleweeds from the outskirts of the City. With Chandler's rapid growth and development, fewer stretches of empty land are within the City limits, which makes it harder to find tumbleweeds in large quantities. So, the Park crews must start collecting the tumbleweeds earlier each year.

Between 1,500-2,000  tumbling tumbleweeds are collected each year, and approximately half of those are used to adorn a 25-foot tall wire frame. Then, the tumbleweeds are sprayed with 25 gallons of white paint, 20 gallons of flame retardant and dusted with 65 pounds of glitter.  The tree is later adorned with approximately 1,200 holiday lights that give it a spectacular look, day or night.

The lighting of the Tumbleweed Tree draws a large crowd, with more than 12,000 expected to watch the Mayor and members of the City Council flip the switch to light this magnificent sight.”


And of course there are pictures:

 12-15-11 C Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler 004

12-15-11 C Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler 005


And how are our little kitties?  Bella is doing well.  She tolerated the collar and could not wait to have it off (which happened on Tuesday, 20th).  I did take it off a few times a day while keeping an eye on her.  Thru all of this, she wants to be held constantly – here she is saying “Pay attention to ME!”

12-14-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 003

And our Dusty, well, as you know he has had some problems with “travel tummy”.  So Wednesday, 14th, we took him to the vet and what an ordeal.  He had to have two tests which he screamed thru.  (Don’t know if it was worse on him or me hearing him.)  Anyway, all tests were negative – no diseases, no parasites, etc.   And since then, well… let’s just say, it has been interesting.  He actually got worse then started to improve.   So hopefully we are on the right path.  Sheesh.

Thru all this we bought a present for the kitties:

 12-17-11 A 002

12-18-11 002 

Then had to go and buy another – but they still like being together - Happy

12-23-11 005

12-23-11 002


Shelly and I continue to learn to line dance – three times a week.  Having a great time – good workout and good brain work out (which is probably why I am staying with it – I get bored very quickly with just standing there doing exercises.)

We have also been having fun meeting new people at the park, going to beading, getting together with Lynne and Fred, Bill and Shelly; learning Mexican Train (a domino’s game) and helping out at the park Christmas party.

Andy has had his VA appointments for bloodwork and regular checkup.  He has a few more coming up.  We are really impressed with the VA here in Casa Grande and last year in Tucson.  So glad we did this after losing the supplemental insurance.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday preparations.

Enjoy today.


Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Merry Christmas. Missed hearing from your guys. Glad all is well.
Bob and Linda

Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Merry Christmas. Missed hearing from your guys. Glad all is well.
Bob and Linda

Diane said...

Merry Christmas, Bob and Linda,
Merry Christmas to you also. Been following your blog and so glad you are enjoying sunny Florida - :-)). Hope to see you on down the road.