December 13, 2011 – Cats and Birds

When I left you yesterday, we were getting ready to pick up Bella from the vets.  What an adventure for us last night!  They put an E-Collar on her that was a little too big and she continued to take it off and lick her wound (which she is not supposed to for 10 DAYS! – Yikees.   Plus we could not calm her down.   So over the course of the evening with two runs back into town and the vets, we got a new collar and calmed her down.  But did she sleep – nope.  It was about 2 AM until that happened and yes, I was up with her.

Today was a much easier day with her.  She slept a lot and was okay with the new e-collar.  She is quite funny when she walks around – bumps into a lot of things – :-)).  Dusty has been growling and hissing at her ever since she came home – I really think because of the medicinal smell.  Tonight was the first time he went past her without hissing or growling.

Here she is – poor baby:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 019

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 002

I usually take the collar off a few times during the day so she can eat and drink but in between she finds a way – :-)).   Although, there is usually lots of water and food on the floor during her attempts – LOL:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 004

Dusty has been having a few of his own problems.  We are still dealing with “travel tummy” for him.  So last night in the middle of the uproar, we also had to take a sample to the vet which was negative for worms and parasites.  So back to the vets on Wednesday to see our options.

What an interesting life!

This morning we had a few visitors to see how Bella was doing: Lynne and Fred, who came in last night and Bill and Shelly.  After everyone left, we decorated the RV and went thru all our mail (which came in yesterday – thanks Tina.) 

We also put out our hummingbird feeder and immediately had visitors:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 005

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 012

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 008

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 011 

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 013

Dusty waiting – he is enjoying the view:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 018

As you can see in some of the pictures, we are having rain – LOTS of rain.  Can’t wait until it clears up – :-)))

Have a wonderful day.

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