December 12, 2011 – Route 66 Email and Sign

On Tuesday, December 6, I received an email from Daniel Male of SmartSign.

Here is a quote:

“SmartSign is a leading e-commerce company and the largest distributor of traffic and parking signs. At one of our sites, www.RoadTrafficSigns.com, we’ve just launched a new line of signs about Route 66. I’m reaching out to blogs to do with all things Route 66, to share your adventures with our visitors, and to share our signs with yours. We’re also giving away a free, novelty sign from the line, to bloggers who write on their adventures. We are hoping that you might be interested in promoting this offer on your blog. After you've chosen your free sign, would you be open to the idea of writing up a short post about this promotion, the Route 66 Sign you choose, and/or our website RoadTrafficSigns.com? A link to our website and/or the sign you choose would be fantastic. This will help get the word out to other bloggers and to readers who've also had a taste of adventure along the historic route. And, we can direct our visitors to your blog as well!”

Daniel had been doing research on the Will Rodgers Highway and came across my blog – how exciting.  And for those who have been following my blog for a while know that we enjoyed seeing parts of Route 66 and hope to do more.  Every day is an adventure to us but for those who traveled Route 66 before the Interstates, THAT was the adventure – :-))

So this is the free sign I choose – can’t wait to hang this up – :-))):

Historic Route US 66 Sign
Historic Route US 66 Sign

To my fellow bloggers, here is the link to do the same. 


How wonderful is that – :-)))   Thank you Daniel.

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