December 25-31, 2011 – A Low Key Week

Just to get you all caught up…  Andy and I had a very low keyed week.   We were sick for most of it – starting to feel better now, just worn out.  And now we are getting antsy..just been sitting too long, I guess.    So hopefully next week we get out and about.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my cousin in Tempe – what a wonderful day.   As some of you know, I am just getting to know my cousins from my dad’s side of the family and I feel so blessed that I have found them and they me.

12-30-11 002

Tonight we are headed to the club house to bring in the New Year.  Actually we will watch the ball drop in New York on TV, celebrate, and then head home – :-))))

To all my friends, family, and blog readers.

We wish you a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year.

Irish Blessing

 Irish Blessing (1)


And a thank you for traveling along with us.


December 25, 2011 - Merry Christmas



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Merry Christmas


Support our Troops


Christmas Flash Mob



From our house to yours,



December 22-24, 2011 Sheep and Saguaros

On Thursday, 22nd, we headed off early to Casa Grande.  Andy went to the VA and I went shopping.   Coming back to pick up Andy, I turned left and, lo and behold, all these sheep were being herded up the street – what a sight to see how the dogs and workers kept them together.    When the light was red, they stopped them all and then when the light turned green, off they went across the boulevard.  Incredible.  


Waiting at the red light:

12-22-11 A Casa Grande 002

Time to go:

12-22-11 A Casa Grande 007

12-22-11 A Casa Grande 008

Light is red, oh oh, almost there:

12-22-11 A Casa Grande 013

Phew! Made it:

12-22-11 A Casa Grande 016

I met Andy at the VA – he had a vision appointment.  He has been really impressed with the care and so am I!  One less thing to worry about.

This afternoon, we picked up Bill and Shelly and went on a road trip – as Andy likes to say - “An Adventure”.   We went thru Stanfield and stopped at one of the cotton fields:

 12-22-11 B Cotton Fields near Stanfield 001

12-22-11 B Cotton Fields near Stanfield 002

12-22-11 B Cotton Fields near Stanfield 008

12-24-11 008

There are many cotton fields in this area and a cotton mill near us.  Right now it is harvest time so we see many of the bales being brought to the mill to take out the cotton seeds.  I will try to get some pictures next week.

From there we went past one of the large feed lots and dairy farms.  Bill really educated us on what everything was and how they usually operate – thanks, Bill.  (Sorry, no pictures, didn’t know if the road was public or private so I did not want to stop.)

From there we went south thru part of the Tohono O’Odham Nation Lands, taking route 42, 422, 15.  And the scenery was beautiful:

 12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 004

The road:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 006

The Saguaros – LOTS of Saguaros:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 007

More cotton fields – they were harvesting these fields but I could not get close enough to take a picture of the machinery:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 021 

Bill checking out one of the fields that was harvested:

 12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 030

Harvested Cotton – these bales are picked up and taken to the cotton mill – they are HUGE:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 032

Right by the road – Yikees!:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 034

More bones scattered – we saw a wild boar here but he was too fast to get a picture:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 036

The road – now this was an adventure:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 040

And we were blessed with this incredible scenery:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 041

The cotton fields are in the background and those white things are the cotton bales:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 046

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 051

Our group:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 055

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 067

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 073  

This picture is for our friend Bruce  (Yep, still stopping in the middle of the road Happy)

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 080

Really neat Saguaros:

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 076

12-22-11 C Tohono O Odham 42-422-15 081

Indian Route 15 ends near Arizona City so we explored that area for a while.  Arizona City was hit very hard during the housing downturn and they are selling homes there for a reasonable price.  There are some really nice developments and many roads that are not finished.  If I were ready to stop traveling, I might consider a place for a winter home.  Overall a very nice area!

Our Moose Lodge is in Arizona City so we made a stop – it was happy hour, anyway – :-)))).   And our last stop was at Chili’s for supper:

12-22-11 Chilis in Casa Grande 001

What a wonderful day!

On Friday, I woke up with a cold - Sad.  Bummer!   I did do some line dancing and showed Lynne and Fred some things in Picasa then just took it easy.  Today, Andy woke up with a cold and I am not feeling the best.   So after a run to town for medicines, we are just taking it easy.   There are a number of festivities happening in the park today and tomorrow so hopefully we are up to it.


Blessings to all of you and a very Merry Christmas!

December 14 - 21, 2011 Organ Pipe Pizza, Cats, and Casa Grande

On Thursday, 15th, we had an Escape get together at Organ Stop Pizza in Mesa. We were here last year and here is the post with details on this really neat place:


More info at: http://www.organstoppizza.com/

But this year I have videos and only a few pictures – enjoy:

Check out this organ:

12-15-11 B Organ Stop Pizza (3)

 12-15-11 B Organ Stop Pizza (15)

And the videos:








We had a wonderful time and the music was great.  From there we went to the Church of Latter Day Saints for Mesa Temple Garden Christmas Lights and it was OUTSTANDING!

12-15-11 C Mormon Tab Lights in Mesa 008 





Bill, Shelly, Andy, and I enjoying the lights:

12-15-11 C Mormon Tab Lights in Mesa 009 

And our last stop was the Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler -  different - Smile.

Info from the internet:

“This unique Chandler tradition began in 1957, when Chandler resident Earl Barnum raised the idea of a tumbleweed tree after he saw a similar one in Indiana built out of cone-shaped chicken wire with pine boughs stuck in the holes. Many members of the community helped create the first tree in Chandler using tumbleweeds that they gathered from around town. Little did these folks know that they were the first to do such a thing and that it would continue as an annual Christmas tradition from then on. In fact, Chandler is the only city in the southwestern United States that has such a tree!

How is it done?

First, members of the City's Park Operations Division gather tumbleweeds from the outskirts of the City. With Chandler's rapid growth and development, fewer stretches of empty land are within the City limits, which makes it harder to find tumbleweeds in large quantities. So, the Park crews must start collecting the tumbleweeds earlier each year.

Between 1,500-2,000  tumbling tumbleweeds are collected each year, and approximately half of those are used to adorn a 25-foot tall wire frame. Then, the tumbleweeds are sprayed with 25 gallons of white paint, 20 gallons of flame retardant and dusted with 65 pounds of glitter.  The tree is later adorned with approximately 1,200 holiday lights that give it a spectacular look, day or night.

The lighting of the Tumbleweed Tree draws a large crowd, with more than 12,000 expected to watch the Mayor and members of the City Council flip the switch to light this magnificent sight.”


And of course there are pictures:

 12-15-11 C Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler 004

12-15-11 C Tumbleweed Tree in Chandler 005


And how are our little kitties?  Bella is doing well.  She tolerated the collar and could not wait to have it off (which happened on Tuesday, 20th).  I did take it off a few times a day while keeping an eye on her.  Thru all of this, she wants to be held constantly – here she is saying “Pay attention to ME!”

12-14-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 003

And our Dusty, well, as you know he has had some problems with “travel tummy”.  So Wednesday, 14th, we took him to the vet and what an ordeal.  He had to have two tests which he screamed thru.  (Don’t know if it was worse on him or me hearing him.)  Anyway, all tests were negative – no diseases, no parasites, etc.   And since then, well… let’s just say, it has been interesting.  He actually got worse then started to improve.   So hopefully we are on the right path.  Sheesh.

Thru all this we bought a present for the kitties:

 12-17-11 A 002

12-18-11 002 

Then had to go and buy another – but they still like being together - Happy

12-23-11 005

12-23-11 002


Shelly and I continue to learn to line dance – three times a week.  Having a great time – good workout and good brain work out (which is probably why I am staying with it – I get bored very quickly with just standing there doing exercises.)

We have also been having fun meeting new people at the park, going to beading, getting together with Lynne and Fred, Bill and Shelly; learning Mexican Train (a domino’s game) and helping out at the park Christmas party.

Andy has had his VA appointments for bloodwork and regular checkup.  He has a few more coming up.  We are really impressed with the VA here in Casa Grande and last year in Tucson.  So glad we did this after losing the supplemental insurance.

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday preparations.

Enjoy today.


December 13, 2011 – Cats and Birds

When I left you yesterday, we were getting ready to pick up Bella from the vets.  What an adventure for us last night!  They put an E-Collar on her that was a little too big and she continued to take it off and lick her wound (which she is not supposed to for 10 DAYS! – Yikees.   Plus we could not calm her down.   So over the course of the evening with two runs back into town and the vets, we got a new collar and calmed her down.  But did she sleep – nope.  It was about 2 AM until that happened and yes, I was up with her.

Today was a much easier day with her.  She slept a lot and was okay with the new e-collar.  She is quite funny when she walks around – bumps into a lot of things – :-)).  Dusty has been growling and hissing at her ever since she came home – I really think because of the medicinal smell.  Tonight was the first time he went past her without hissing or growling.

Here she is – poor baby:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 019

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 002

I usually take the collar off a few times during the day so she can eat and drink but in between she finds a way – :-)).   Although, there is usually lots of water and food on the floor during her attempts – LOL:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 004

Dusty has been having a few of his own problems.  We are still dealing with “travel tummy” for him.  So last night in the middle of the uproar, we also had to take a sample to the vet which was negative for worms and parasites.  So back to the vets on Wednesday to see our options.

What an interesting life!

This morning we had a few visitors to see how Bella was doing: Lynne and Fred, who came in last night and Bill and Shelly.  After everyone left, we decorated the RV and went thru all our mail (which came in yesterday – thanks Tina.) 

We also put out our hummingbird feeder and immediately had visitors:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 005

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 012

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 008

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 011 

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 013

Dusty waiting – he is enjoying the view:

12-13-11 SKP Park Casa Grande 018

As you can see in some of the pictures, we are having rain – LOTS of rain.  Can’t wait until it clears up – :-)))

Have a wonderful day.