November 5-6, 2011 – Cold, Wind, and Balloons

Saturday, November 5

We headed to the launch field early this morning and got there just in time for the pilot’s meeting.  Since we had rain during the night and the winds were picking up, no launch this morning.  But some neat shots of the mountains as the sun rose:

11-05-11 Page 007 11-05-11 Page 003

So Pam and I headed to the craft fairs around town.  Lots of neat stuff.  Around 10 AM, we picked up the guys and started to walk to town to meet Mike and T at the Wesley Powell Museum.   As luck would have it, Mike and T stopped and picked us up and away we went to the museum – free admission today since the Balloons did not launch.  It was a nice museum that had lots of information/history on the Colorado River, Glen Canyon, and Page.

Afterwards we checked out the vendors, had lunch and headed back.. The winds have picked up dramatically and we are rocking and rolling in the MH.  Plus it is getting very cold – Brrr.

The winds continued into the night so we just hung out, watched football, had a nightcap at the Elks, got caught up with the blog and emails (if you have not heard from me and should, please send me another email..had some problems downloading.)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

We woke to a beautiful morning – brisk, clear, no breeze – so off to the launch field we went.   And it is a go – we are flying – Yea.   Next stop was a different launch site because of the way the winds were blowing.   And our launch site was the parking lot of Page Lumber.    So as were were unpacking everything, Mike asked who else would like to go on a flight (he was taking the sponsor) and I said “Andy”.  So my Andy had an incredible day! – :-))).

Mike and T’s Balloon House:

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 024

Getting the burner hooked up:


The boys getting ready to go:   

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 040

And they are off:

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 041

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 042

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 043

And playing among the rocks:

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 061

 11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 082

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 099

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 106

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 110

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 115

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 117

Coming in for a landing:

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 127

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page 144


A nice soft landing on the grass on the golf course.  The envelope is down and wrapped and we are getting ready to put it away:


Rearranging before putting more things away:


Just hanging out:


More photos of today (thanks Pam for the extra shots):



And a Video from Andy’s ride:

A great picture of the Dam and Lake Powell from the air:

11-06-11 Balloon Regatta - Page - Ride (2)

What a WONDERFUL morning.  Thanks Mike and T!

After we packed up and got the Tracker, we all went to the tailgating party – good food!   And then back home.  Nap time – :-)).

The rest of the day we just hung out.  We will be here until Tuesday morning due to a cold front (with snow) coming in.  Our plans are to head to Pahrump, Nevada for a few days and then south to warmer weather – :-)).

Stay tuned and enjoy today.


Judy and Luke Rinehimer said...

I caught this blog in my Google Reader before it showed up in my email. GREAT VIDEO of Andy's flight!!!! Sounds like Mike was happy to play in the rocks, too. Glad you got a flight in.
- Judy and Luke

Chuck and Jan Moore said...

Andy got a ride! So Cool! and so happy for him! Looks like it is mighty cold there, though. Stay warm and we'll see you later in the fall/winter. Hugs, J&C

Diane said...

Hi Judy and Luke,
I was so happy Andy got a ride too and he was just awed. We were also happy that Mike was able to fly since the weekend was so crappy... And the rocks were awesome. See you in Q.

Diane said...

Hi Chuck and Jan,
I was so glad that he got a ride. He has helped so many people and never got the chance.. he was awed... And so glad Mike got the chance to fly too since we had some bad weather. It is COLD here - high today was 47 and rainy - BRRRR. Heading out tomorrow if this front clears. See you soon..

Diane said...

Big hugs to you all - Judy, Luke, Jan, and Chuck.