November 1, 2011 – 11/1/11 – Lower Antelope Canyon

Our journey today took us to Lower Antelope Canyon.  I have seen pictures of this canyon and it has been on our bucket list for a long time so being so close we had to go.   Antelope Canyon is on the Navajo Reservation and we needed to go on a guided tour.  The great thing is that we were able to show up at the site and the guides were there (Thank you Pam and Steve for the info.).

We paid our fee and waited for our guide (only a few minutes).  Here is the start of the trail to the canyon:

 11-01-11 A Lower Antelope Canyon (2)

Here is our guide and that drop off to the right is the start of the canyon.  Oh my, the first thing I thought was “Sheesh, my butt will not fit.”  LOL:

11-01-11 A Lower Antelope Canyon (7)

But being the brave one Surprised, I went first and took Steve’s advice (“take a picture of your feet as you step into the canyon”):

11-01-11 A Lower Antelope Canyon (8)

And off we went. 

You know, there are times when you have expectations for an item on your bucket list.  Today we were BLOWN AWAY.  There are no words to describe this incredible beauty.   So I have put together a slideshow which contains over 100 pictures and a few videos.   If you want to see them all, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.

(As you go thru, notice the colors and lighting on the rocks; the people in the pictures were used as a comparison.)

But before I start, here is a teaser – :-)).

11-01-11 A Lower Antelope Canyon (94)

The Slideshow:






The videos:









Breathtaking is all I can say!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! Absolutely unbelievable-those videos are really priceless. Thanks for posting them!!!