August 27, 2011 – CCC and Hurricane

After watching the morning news we decided to stay in the park.  They are forecasting less than an inch of rain and winds ~ 20 mph (we have had stronger winds in AZ).  So we are now going to stay here until Labor Day (9/5).

Our first stop this morning was the Byrd Visitor Center where we saw a movie on the Civilian Conservation Corps in Shenandoah.  Between 1933 and 1942, 10 CCC camps were established within or near the Park.  During this time more than 10000 young men (18-26) lived in these camps under the supervision of the Army.  They worked on projects directed by the National Park Service and Bureau of Public Roads – building trails, fire roads and towers, log comfort stations, picnic grounds and construction projects.

Here is what they complete in 1938 – Wow!:

08-27-2011 A Shenandoah NP Byrd Visitor Center 005a

And that is just in Shenandoah area only.   There was projects going on all over this country during that time.

During a lot of our travels we have seen many of the projects that the CCC has done and it has always impressed me.  Many, if not most, of those projects are still standing today – over 70 years old – Amazing.

Outside of the visitor center is:

 08-27-2011 A Shenandoah NP Byrd Visitor Center 003

08-27-2011 A Shenandoah NP Byrd Visitor Center 002

This statue is part of a campaign by the National Association of Civilian Conservation Corps Alumni to erect a statue in every state to commemorate the Corps’ work throughout the US from 1933 – 1942.  This is the 32nd state commemoration. 

Here is the listing of the other states – I may have to check them out:


This afternoon as the rain and wind is rolling in, I am at the lodge getting my e-fix and getting caught up on the blog and emails.   I think I am up to date so if I owe you an email and you have not received an answer, please email me again (sorry).    If I owe you an answer on FB, please let me know.  

So we are planning more hikes and tours for next week so stay tuned and stay safe.


Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Good to see you back on the road. Were will you spend the winter? Hope we can meet up somewhere. Bob & Linda

Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Good to see you on the road again. Were will you spend the winter? Hope to meet up somewhere.
Bob and Linda

Diane said...

Hi Bob and Linda,

Hope you are doing well and so sorry about all the issues you have had.. Hope the next 6 months are better.

We will be wintering in the AZ area - how about you?

Hopefully our paths will cross. :-))