August 25, 2011 – Anniversaries and Baskets

Today is a day of good and sad anniversaries.  My father passed away 17 years ago today – hard to believe it is that long ago.  And my Aunt Mary passed away 13 years ago.  Miss them both – :-(.   But the good anniversary is that I quit smoking one year ago today.   WOW!  Hard to believe it is a year.  Congratulations to me and to all those who have quit – it is not easy.

Today was basket making 101 at the lodge.  Clyde Jenkins was a wonderful teacher and took his time with 10 of us.  The class was advertised as “how to make a Colonial-style white oak basket with techniques handed down through the generations”  and that is exactly what we did.   We started out with chunks of wood and learned how to make the strips for the weaving.   Let me tell you how hard that was.   I have a lot of respect for basket makers who make their own materials.   After “trying” to make those strips, Clyde helped us out and gave us strips he prepared that morning.  

Here is my finished basket:

 08-25-2011 B Shenandoah NP 002

Not bad for a beginner!

While I was in class, Andy was walking around the campground and found these two fellows – the felt is still on their antlers:

08-25-2011 A Shenandoah NP 004

08-25-2011 A Shenandoah NP 009 

08-25-2011 A Shenandoah NP 010a

08-25-2011 A Shenandoah NP 012 

And this evening after our big storm, we took a walk around the campground and found so many more deer – I promise, no more deer photos after this:

 08-25-2011 C Shenandoah NP 013 

 08-25-2011 C Shenandoah NP 032

The fawns still have their spots:

08-25-2011 C Shenandoah NP 043 

08-25-2011 C Shenandoah NP 044

I did find out that in 1926 when Congress authorized Shenandoah NP, there were no deer here due to years of hunting and human activity.  In 1934, thirteen white-tailed deer were released.  Today Shenandoah’s estimated 5000 deer are descended from those thirteen or others that migrated from surrounding forests.   Since there is no hunting allowed in the park, the deer do not fear people.

Another wonderful day that ended with a great campfire.

And I leave you with one more picture – :-):

08-25-2011 B Shenandoah NP 005

Enjoy today – :-)

To my East Coast friends and family – please be careful with this hurricane coming and take shelter.   So far we should be okay – just rain – but we are watching the path on the news every morning and night.   And we will move if need be.


Susan Stevenson said...

Congratulations on the anniversary of quitting smoking! I quit about 18 years ago, and it's the best decision I ever made (especially with how expensive cigarettes are!). Continued success to you!

Stay dry! I hope you don't run into too many troubles with the hurricane.

IdahoRV said...

Diane...congratulations on your one year anniversary of not smoking. As a former smoker, I know how hard that is to do. Keep up the good work and stay safe from Irene.

Bob and Linda's RV Travels said...

Good to see you on the road again. Were are you planning on spending the winter? Hope to see you on the road.

Diane said...

Susan, Jan and Ken,
Thank you so much - I still cannot believe it is a year...

Bob and Linda,
Hope all is going well with you - so sorry about all your issues this past few months. We will be spending the winter in AZ - how about you??

Hope to meet up with all of you - :-)))