August 24, 2011 – Stony Man Hike

We woke to another gorgeous day!  Gosh, how blessed we are.   The weather has been incredible – mid 70’s during the day and low 60’s during the night – with beautiful blue skies.   So our first item on the agenda was to sign up for another 2 days.   We have been watching the hurricane news and trying to decide what to do.   If it will be severe here, we will head west.  If it is just going to be rainy for a day, we will wait it out and stay another week.   We figured we have until Friday to make our decision.

We hung out a little later than usual this morning.  Our batteries were getting a little low and generator hours are from 8-10 AM and 4-7 PM so we are taking advantage of those times.   

After we shut down at 10 AM, off we went to do the “Stony Man Hike” – another great hike (I truly have missed being on the trail – thank God for allergy medicine!).  This hike had a guide and posts along the way telling us the history of the area as well as information on the plants and animals.

The start of the trail:

 08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (2)

Check out this tree that is growing through the rock – WOW:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (3)

One of the many American chestnut trees that have died from the fungus – so sad – and still no cure:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (6)

We crossed over the Appalachian Trail – this is the highest point of that trail in Shenandoah National Park:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (7)

I am in my element – :-))):

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (9) 

These rocks, called GREENSTONE, are over 800 million years old and were created from volcanoes in this area:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (19)

And the view from the top – WOW!  Isn’t this incredible!   The road in this picture is Skyline Drive:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (32)

More views of the valley below – 3000’ below:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (38)

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (42)

Notice the smoke in the above pictures?  I am told that there is a fire in the Great Dismal Swamp and the smoke is covering much of Virginia.

And another little lady greeting us at the end of the trail:

08-24-2011 A Shenandoah NP - Stony Man Hike (49)

Stony Man Mountain is the second highest mountain in the park so between yesterday and today we have hiked the two highest mountains in the park – not bad for 2 old codgers (although I have to say they were easy to moderate hikes – I am not yet up to a difficult one).

I have found out that they have free Wi-Fi at Big Meadows Lodge so that is where I am now – uploading a few days worth of blogs and doing some email.  If you have sent me an email, please be patient – I hope to get caught up over the next few days.  Plus I am being selfish – I don’t want to spend a lot of time sitting in the lodge – sorry.  (Not doing to bad on the e-withdrawal – LOL.)

Tomorrow I have signed up for a basket making class so stay tuned.

Until then, enjoy today!



Judy and Luke Rinehimer said...

Glad your allegies (or control of) are allowing you to "back in your element". Charge the batteries on your weather alert radio and know your exit route -- just in case. (Oh, don't forget full fuel and water tanks before any rush begins.)

See you next month.

Kathy said...

Loved your pics from the hike! I gotta put that place on our "must see" list now!
With beautiful country like that who wants to sit on a 'puter?! Enjoy the early Fall in Shenandoah!
Have fun with the basket weaving class, something I've always wanted to do!
Happy Trails,

Margie said...

Dont get caught in the storm. Good to follow your travels. Margie & Tom

Diane said...

Thanks Judy, Kathy and Margie,
We decided to stay and wait out the storm - we are on the fringes - just some rain (<1") and wind - ~20mph predicted. So we should be ok. Kathy, check out my next blog for the basket - lots of fun.