August 22, 2011 – More Shenandoah

When you travel like we do, you wake up in some of the most beautiful places in this country and today was one of those days.   We both were up early and enjoyed the sun rise over the mountains and just the total quiet – lovely.

This morning our first stop was the visitor center for brochures and a side road for some wood.   The National Park is allowing collection of wood if it is down and dead but only in certain areas.  So we found a great place just off Skyline Drive and filled the back of the Tracker.  Yea – lots of campfires.

The rest of the morning we spent doing repairs and organizing.  Last night we blew a few of the fuses for the 12 volt plugs – turns out we had a faulty charger for our phone (which took us a while to realize as we kept blowing more fuses – :-).   All is okay now.   We also had to fix our front shade – it broke and fell down yesterday as we were driving – very scary but all is ok now.

The other thing I did was reorganize our electronic charging area (yep, we now have an area with pockets – :-).  When I packed the motorhome, chargers were put in there willy nilly and after the charging fiasco last night when I had to go thru every pocket, today was organization day! 

Our charging area – the pockets contain all the chargers for the phones, cameras, computers and more.

08-22-2011 A RV 007

My bedroom pockets – these come are real handy:

08-22-2011 A RV 008

My helper:

08-22-2011 A RV 005

While I was organizing – Andy was chopping:

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 001

This afternoon we took a walk around the campground and met a fellow SKP – it was great talking with her.  We invited her to our campfire so she joined us this evening – I just love SKPs.

We also met this gal along the way:

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 005

More scenes along the way:

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 008

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 010

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 013


And what a joy to see these deer wandering through the campsites:

08-22-2011 B Shenandoah NP 020

Did you notice the spots on the fawns?

And another great campfire evening – :-)!

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