April – August 2011 – Spring/Summer

Hard to believe we have been home for over four months.  I will try to give you the shortened version of those months just to get you caught up and also not to bore you.

We worked and worked around the house and the motor home.   One of the reasons for coming home so early was to get chores done on the outside of the house since last summer was so brutally hot.   Well, we were able to update our landscaping by putting down new stone (17 truckloads and we did it all ourselves with my cousin Dave’s help – what a workout.  And it looks great too); trimming and cleaning many of our bushes and flowers (I had a banner year for flowers – :-)); painting, top coating the driveway, etc. etc.   It had been about 5 years or so since we had done all this.  And I have to say that I really miss playing in the dirt.  Not much compares to the feel and smell of working with the plants and soil.  If I ever go full time I may need to volunteer at community gardens just to get my fix.

As far as the inside of the house, we were able to donate or sell more “stuff” this year.  It is scary yet freeing to let “stuff” go but living in the motor home has taught me how much I really do not need. 

As you all know we purchased a “new to us” Bounder last December so this summer we put our touches to us.  So what are some of the things we did:

- I made storage pockets for the inside, a bug shield, tire covers, windshield covers for the outside;

- New TV midway – we took out the TV in the bedroom and in the front area and made cabinets for extra space;

- Replaced our two coach batteries with new batteries – four of them so we can do more boondocking. (Our new fridge really chews up the power.)

- Rolling drawers in the space left by the washer/dryer that I sold.

- We ripped out the accordion door in the shower – lots of caulk to remove, oh my – and replaced it with a plain shower curtain.

- Insulated the back of the coach. 

- Andy put in a new antennae and radio area so he can be more active on the ham radio in our travels.

And a number of other little things to make it ours.  Over the next few months I will publish some pictures.

Friends and Family

Andy and I are so blessed to have the family and friends we do and it is always good to spend time with them.  Sometimes though it just seems like there is never enough time.  To those I did not get to see, sorry, we will try for next year.   I keep thinking I should have some type of party to see everyone but then I really like to do a lot of one on one or small groups rather than a few moments in a large group. (Sigh).

So what was some of our highlights:

- Seeing our youngest granddaughters graduate: Alex from the University of Delaware and Sabrina from Cape Henelopen High School.  We are so proud of you.

- Spending time with both our daughters:  Sheryl in May and June and Sandy in July;

- Spending time with my cousin Dave and brother Paul, Aunt Betty, Aunt Loretta, and Uncle Erny;

- Spending time with our old friends that are our extended family (did I say we were blessed);

- Reconnecting with my father’s side of the family – my first cousins, Mary, Rick, and Joann;

- Reconnecting with old friends that we have not seen in a long time; Annie, Judy, Bob;

- Meeting up with our RV friends, Pennie and Dave, Pete and Carolyn, Keith and Michelle;

Did I say we were blessed – :-).

One of the things I do miss is the day to day “involvement” with friends and family.  Staying in touch by phone and email is wonderful but sometimes I do miss that “face time”.   (Just saying….) 


Those of you that follow the blog know that I was pretty sick over the winter.  So I had all my doctor’s appointments lined up when I came home and to make a long story short, I have severe allergies.  Turns out I am allergic to everything except feathers (I told my allergist that at least I could keep my pillow and get a duck as a pet. LOL!)  (Do you know that there is even a test for insect dander – who knew.  And yes I am allergic to that too – :-().   So for now I get 3 shots a week and am taking Nasonex and Singular (will be very glad when they have generics) and an OTC antihistamine that will continue.   How do I feel?  Oh so much better.  I still have the facial pressure (feels like an ice cream “brain freeze”) and may have that for a while but no more pain and my breathing issues are minor.  Thank God for doctors and medicines.   :-)

So that was the highlights (not details – :-) of our four months at home.  We are real EXCITED to get back on the road again to see old friends and meet new ones and experience new things, new places and even get back to some of the old places – LOL.  

We are leaving on Sunday, 21st, and heading towards Shenandoah National Park for a few days.  When I was still working, we would go there on long weekends – we just love it.   So it will be nice to go back.   From there we will be slowly traveling to the Balloon Fiesta in late September (ABQ, NM) and then…,well, you know as much as us right now  - :-))).   Thanks for coming along with us.


Enjoy today – :-).


“Dream as if you will live forever, live as if you will die tomorrow.” - James Dean

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