March 28 - 29, 2011 – Montgomery, Alabama

Monday, March 28

Our little bird went somewhere with its mother this morning and we could not find it.   Our neighbor will continue to check but we are all hoping that it flew off.

So once we had our act together and everything packed up, we headed north to Montgomery.  In the early 60’s, Andy spent 3 years at Maxwell Air Force Base and wanted to go back for old time’s sake.

We pulled into Gunter Hill Campground, an Army Corp. of Engineers Campground, early afternoon and set up.  Here is our site:


  03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 007

We are right along the Alabama river – check out all the moss hanging from the trees:

03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 008

And all the greenery – oh my!:

03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 002

The Air Force Base is about 10 miles away so off we went to explore.  And like everything else in 50 years, things have changed.  It is now a closed base so we could not visit – :-((.   And many of his old haunts are no longer there.   But we did find the motel that his parents stayed at when they visited him.  It is still going strong (although it looks a little seedy now – LOL.)    We took a small tour of the historic downtown with a stop at the visitor’s center – which was the old train station – and picked up some brochures.   We also found out there is a museum at the base but we need to call to see it so hopefully we can do that tomorrow.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled:

Routes Traveled: 175 miles

Alabama: CR-28; CR-55; CR-32; SR-59; SR-287; I-65; US-80; CR-7


Tuesday, March 29

We made the phone call for the museum but apparently it would take more than one day for an appointment.   They would need to do security checks for us – oh my.

So we decided to take the trolley tour of historic downtown Montgomery.   There is so much history here – from the Civil War era thru the Civil Rights era – WOW!.


This is where Rosa Parks was arrested – the building on the right is now a museum:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 007

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Church and House/Parsonage:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 017

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 027

The Confederacy White House:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 031

The Capitol:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 022

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 070

More Pictures:

  03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 009    

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 043

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 048

I can see me sitting on this porch in my southern belle dress with a fan in one hand and a spiked mint julep in the other – LOL:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 051

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 054

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 056

This fountain is in the town square and I fell in love with it:

 03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 062

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 076

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 063

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 064 

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 071

Yes, the water is pink.

Someday we will be back and explore more of the sites but for now or rather tomorrow we are heading north.  Stay tuned.

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