March 30 - 31, 2011 Travel to Heiskell, Tennessee

Wednesday, March 30

We left our little spot along the river and headed north.   Our goal today was Scottsboro, Alabama at the Unclaimed Baggage Center.  This is a huge warehouse where all the airlines send their unclaimed baggage to be sold.

We arrived early afternoon and parked in the gravel lot.  We also knew that we could spend the night there and that was our original plans.  Well, we went in and browsed and were finished within the hours.   I guess we expected something different.  It is like a huge thrift shop but the prices are much higher.  In some cases, I thought the prices were way out of line for used.   My recommendation – if you are in the area, it may be worth a walk through but I would not go out of the way.   I have seen better prices elsewhere.

So we pressed on and overnighted at a Wal-Mart in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Some pictures from today:

03-30-11  X US72 near AL Border 011

03-30-11  X US72 near AL Border 006

03-30-11  X US72 near AL Border 009 

Miles Traveled: 318 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Alabama: CR-7; US-80; US-31; US-82; I-65; I-459: I-59; SR 35

After stop:

Alabama: SR-35; SR-279; US-72; I-24 E

Georgia: I-24E

Tennessee: I-24 E; I-75; SR-60; US-11

Thursday, March 31

We woke this morning to a lot of company at the Wal-Mart and of all the trucks there was only one that ran his motor all night. – Yep, parked right next to us – :-(((.   So we were up early and continued our travels to Heiskell, Tennessee where we are camped at Raccoon Valley RV Park, an Escapee Park (we are checking them all out – :-))).   We will be here for a week or more depending on the weather further north.

We went to Social Hour this afternoon and had a great time.  And we hope to do some sightseeing over the next few days so stay tuned.


Miles Traveled: 91 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Tennessee: SR-2; I-75; I-40; I-640; I-75; SR-170


March 28 - 29, 2011 – Montgomery, Alabama

Monday, March 28

Our little bird went somewhere with its mother this morning and we could not find it.   Our neighbor will continue to check but we are all hoping that it flew off.

So once we had our act together and everything packed up, we headed north to Montgomery.  In the early 60’s, Andy spent 3 years at Maxwell Air Force Base and wanted to go back for old time’s sake.

We pulled into Gunter Hill Campground, an Army Corp. of Engineers Campground, early afternoon and set up.  Here is our site:


  03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 007

We are right along the Alabama river – check out all the moss hanging from the trees:

03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 008

And all the greenery – oh my!:

03-28-11 Gunter Campground Montgomery 002

The Air Force Base is about 10 miles away so off we went to explore.  And like everything else in 50 years, things have changed.  It is now a closed base so we could not visit – :-((.   And many of his old haunts are no longer there.   But we did find the motel that his parents stayed at when they visited him.  It is still going strong (although it looks a little seedy now – LOL.)    We took a small tour of the historic downtown with a stop at the visitor’s center – which was the old train station – and picked up some brochures.   We also found out there is a museum at the base but we need to call to see it so hopefully we can do that tomorrow.

Stats for today:

Miles Traveled:

Routes Traveled: 175 miles

Alabama: CR-28; CR-55; CR-32; SR-59; SR-287; I-65; US-80; CR-7


Tuesday, March 29

We made the phone call for the museum but apparently it would take more than one day for an appointment.   They would need to do security checks for us – oh my.

So we decided to take the trolley tour of historic downtown Montgomery.   There is so much history here – from the Civil War era thru the Civil Rights era – WOW!.


This is where Rosa Parks was arrested – the building on the right is now a museum:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 007

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Church and House/Parsonage:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 017

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 027

The Confederacy White House:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 031

The Capitol:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 022

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 070

More Pictures:

  03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 009    

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 043

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 048

I can see me sitting on this porch in my southern belle dress with a fan in one hand and a spiked mint julep in the other – LOL:

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 051

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 054

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 056

This fountain is in the town square and I fell in love with it:

 03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 062

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 076

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 063

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 064 

03-29-11 Downtown Montgomery 071

Yes, the water is pink.

Someday we will be back and explore more of the sites but for now or rather tomorrow we are heading north.  Stay tuned.

March 24 – 27, 2011 Summerdale, Alabama Part 2

We have a had a wonderful time here in Summerdale, visiting with old friends, making new friends, seeing the sites, and just plain enjoying ourselves.

Here is our site:

03-23-11 SKP Plantation 002

The sites here are HUGE!  With some beautiful trees all around.   And the flowers are blooming:

03-23-11 SKP Plantation 012 

03-23-11 SKP Plantation 008

03-23-11 SKP Plantation 010

On Thursday, 24th, Tom, Karen, Andy, and I went to see the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola, Florida – fascinating!:

 03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 069 

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 012a

Karen and I:

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 017

Tom and Andy are by the nose of this airplane – it was HUGH:

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 020

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 025a

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 026a

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 035   

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 064

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 067a 

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 050a

03-24-11 Naval Air Museum in Pensacola FL 053a

The two photos above are from the various displays at the museum. 

I am so glad there are places like this for the general public. 

Sometimes I think we forget the prices our service men and women pay for our freedom here at home and places like this help us remember that our freedom isn’t free.

Saturday was my birthday so Andy arranged with Tom and Karen to bring over a cake on Friday night – what a nice surprise.   We enjoyed it that night and the rest on Saturday.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  I went to the local flea market in the morning, then to Elberta to their sausage festival – I just love these small town festivals – reminds me of home.   And then Karen and Tom spent the evening with us…   Good shopping, good food, good friends – what a great day!

On Saturday morning before we left, Andy heard something hit our awning.  When he checked, he found a baby dove on the ground.  We did not know if it was dead or alive or if it was just learning to fly so we left it there.   When we came back, it had moved so Andy put crates by it.   And for the next two days, we watched as its parents guarded it, feed it, and tried to get it to fly.   Here are the pictures of mom and baby.


03-27-11 SKP Plantation Bird 003a

03-27-11 SKP Plantation Bird 002

When we left on Monday, our neighbors were going to keep an eye on it.  Hopefully it will be able to fly soon.

The weather here has been hot and humid so we have decided to head north instead of going to Florida so stay tuned.


March 19 – 23, 2011 Summerdale, Alabama

We have been having a good time here at the Rainbow Plantation SKP in Summerdale.

Besides the normal day to day stuff (you know, cleaning, laundry, shopping, etc.), we have been getting together with our friends Tom and Karen.   They spent the winter in this area and it has been good to spend some time with them and get caught up with each other.

We made a trip to Lambert’s Cafe – the home of the throwed rolls  (http://www.throwedrolls.com/).   The food was great and it was fun to watch the rolls being thrown to the customers.

03-20-11 A Summerdale 009

03-20-11 A Summerdale 011

Tom and Karen and us having a blast:

03-20-11 A Summerdale 016

 03-20-11 A Summerdale 018

Another day the four of us took a trip to Gulf Shores – isn’t this beautiful!

 03-22-11 Gulf Shores 001

03-22-11 Gulf Shores 005

03-22-11 Gulf Shores 014

03-22-11 Gulf Shores 013

We took off our shoes and socks and walked along the water – how nice.  I love the beach – the sounds, the smells, the wind, the feel of the sand.   But I do not like laying on the sand in the sun.  So I could never be a beach bum – LOL!!!

We have also met quite a few people in the park – everyone is so friendly.    They have a lot of activities plus a beading and craft group.  I stopped in on Monday to talk with the beading ladies – may check it out later this week.

This area is beautiful – so much greenery.  And so many flowers blooming.  And so many grand houses.   I will try to get more pictures before we leave.

The weather has been gorgeous – sunny with a little breeze – and it has been so nice to sit outside at night.   It is a little more humid that we are use to after spending the winter in Arizona.

 We expect to be here until Monday and then head north.   At this time we have decided not to go to Florida and will check it out another time.    We still have some sightseeing plans here so stay tuned.

I will leave you with one last picture – how about that moon on the 19th!

03-19-11 Summerdale 004a

March 18, 2011 – Travel to Alabama

We left our little site at the state park and made our way east past New Orleans and over the lake:

    03-18-11 A Travel Westwego - Border 002

03-18-11 A Travel Westwego - Border 003

And swampy areas:

03-18-11 A Travel Westwego - Border 006

And into Mississippi where we stopped at the visitor center for some information.   This is the area where Katrina came inland – I cannot imagine the losses that these folks had to endure.

We left the interstate and took the scenic route along the coast.   Check out the white sandy beaches:

 03-18-11 B Travel thru MS - US 90 (9)

03-18-11 B Travel thru MS - US 90 (12)

03-18-11 B Travel thru MS - US 90 (17) 

It was beautiful.   And then into Alabama – taking the tunnel under Mobile:

 03-18-11 C Travel Border to Summerdale 004

03-18-11 C Travel Border to Summerdale 006


We are staying at the Escapee Park in Summerdale, Alabama for a week or so (site 39) – to meet up with some friends and check out the area so stay tuned.


Miles Traveled: 201 Miles

Routes Traveled:

Louisiana: US-90; SR-3125; I-10; I-610; I-10

Mississippi: I-10; US-90; I-10

Alabama: I-10; SR-59: CR-28