January 1-9, 2011 – Just Hanging Out – :-))

Our time in Casa Grande SKP Park is almost to a close (for now).  I am happy to report that we have moved up to number 47 on the list (up from 108 in January 2009) so hopefully we will have a lot here within the next two years…

We have spent the last week enjoying time and dinners with Pete and Carolyn (who left us on Monday, 3rd) and Pam and Steve (who left us yesterday, 8th) and Joyce (left Tuesday, 4th), and Lee and Brenda (left on Monday, 3rd).   We hope to see everyone again in Quartzsite in another 2 weeks – YEA!!   What a small world.

I also spent a day with my newly found first cousin, Kris.   We had a great day continuing to get to know one another.  Hopefully next season, we will get to spend more time together.   To my other newly found cousins, Joanne and Mary – see you soon.

We are still rearranging and reorganizing ourselves in the new motor home.   I did get some shelves installed this week – did you know that Home Depot and Lowes will cut the wood to your specs for free – Yea!!!    We are really enjoying our new home – :-))).

I made another trip to Urgent Care again this week so now I am on another round (different type) of antibiotics, steroids, and painkillers.  I am really praying that this will do the trick.  The only rough part is that the side effects of these meds are shortness of breath – so by mid day, I am out of energy – :-((( - and doing anything is out of the question.   Andy and I have decided that if this does not work, we will be heading east to Pennsylvania.   I need to find out what is going on.

Tomorrow we are heading to Yuma to get some work and recalls done on our new rig.   Hopefully all the parts will be there – :-)))).


Erik's RV Blog said...

I hope you feel better soon. Combined with the diabetic drugs I'm also on Cephalexin which tosses some interesting side effects on top of the fun effects I deal with daily.

Hopefully yours subside and you get to 100% soon! Congrats on the new rig as well!


Diane said...

Thanks, Erik

So sorry about the side effects for you.... I know they can be really crazy.

My hubby is on diabetic and heart meds so we have to be careful what we do...

But I am always grateful for the scientists and doctors that developed these drugs.. Not sure what life would be like without them...

Take care.