December 9 - 13, 2010 – Driving, Moving and New Family

We left our little spot in Yuma and headed down the road to Casa Grande with me (Diane) driving…. Yes, you read that right – I drove the motorhome!!  Now this is the current one – so hopefully will do the same with the new one.    And my Andy was a good passenger – LOL!!!  

So how did I do??  Not bad – it takes a little getting use to but not bad – :-))).  

We arrived at the SKP Park in Casa Grande and explained our situation to them (needing to leave for a few days and bringing a different coach back) and they really helped us out.  Their assistant manager has a lot in the Park so the lot usually reserved for that position is open.  We were put in that spot and have the use of the shed to store some items while we are moving.   (Have I said how much I love being an Escapee!!).   So except for those few days, we will be here until January 9, 2011.

We also found out that we are now number 55 on the list for a lot.  We started out at number 108 in January 2009 so it looks like we should be near the top in about 2 more years.

Here is our spot:

 12-12-10 Casa Grande 001

 12-12-10 Casa Grande 005

So over the past few days we have been getting caught up with items in the motorhome, making use of that shed, getting caught up with what’s been happening around the park, etc…    The weather has been beautiful – 70’s during the day and 40’s during the night – PERFECT!!   The air quality has been a bit more dusty – makes for incredible sunrises and sunsets.    Sorry I don’t have many pictures – should be getting my lens back next week and will be using heavily again – :-))).

On Saturday, I reconnected with my first cousin, Kris.  We have not seen each other in over 45 years – WOW!   We had such a wonderful time chatting and getting to know one another again.   And hopefully we will be seeing each other again before we head on out of Casa Grande.   What a blessing for us!  Thank you, Kris.

Kris and I:

12-11-10 001

Today, Monday, we met with Andy’s primary VA doctor.   All went well and we are good to go for another year – Yea.

And we were pleasantly surprised to have our friends Carolyn and Pete (who we last saw in March in Cottonwood area) drive in and camp right across from us.   They will be here thru the holidays so it will be good to get caught up with each other.   It has been so great to reconnect with so many great people.  We are so blessed.

We also got our mail today (Thanks, Dave).  With our mail came my fixed lenses – YEA!  And spare helicopter blades for Andy from Larry (Thanks, Larry).  And cards and notes – I love mail day!!!

Tomorrow we head back to Yuma to pick up our new home and transfer all our “stuff” so stay tuned – :-))))

Stats for December 9, 2010:

Miles Traveled:  162 miles

Routes Traveled:

Arizona: SR-95; I-8; Montgomery Road

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