May 6-8, 2010 – Lake Wappapello


We did a few things around the MH this morning and this afternoon, we explored some of the area around Lake Wappapello.

We came upon this sign:

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 008

They weren’t kidding.  This is the boat launch area:

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 005

Guess we won’t even have a chance to disobey this sign – LOL:

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 002

  The spillway (and the water was running fast):

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 009

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 019

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 011

Above the dam:

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 031

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 034

05-06-10 Lake Wappapello Dam 035

What a beautiful place.  The visitor center is open on Saturday and Sunday so we will check it out then. 

We made our final reservations today for the Albuquerque New Mexico Balloon Fiesta in October.  Isn’t that exciting – :-))).   We are also hoping to get on a balloon crew to help out so stay tuned…  YEA!!!

And another great campfire night!


Today is our 22nd Anniversary soooo Happy Anniversary to us (and to my niece, Christy and her husband, Greg). 

We have also decided that today would be Dusty’s birthday (based on the vet’s age assumptions – :-)) so today our little Dusty is one year old!

Our journey today took us exploring some of the county roads – this is beautiful country and I am still not use to all the greenery – :-))).   But it was very windy due to a cold front coming thru.   As I write this evening, it is stormy, windy and getting colder.  Looking forward to cooler days – it is getting too hot for me – LOL!!!

Speaking of summer weather, it will be very different for us this summer in PA.  Since 2007, we spent 2 summers in Alaska and one in New England.   I enjoy the 60-70 degrees days and can tolerate 80-85 but hotter than that – oh my, it will be interesting.

We celebrated tonight by having dinner at one of the local restaurants – Fisherman’s Net – great catfish!

No campfire, due to the wind – :-((.


Today was hang out day so that is what we did…LOL.    I did some beading – still finishing some of the projects I started at bead week.   Andy started playing with Vista’s voice recognition software – He has been talking about getting a voice recognition program and I found out that the one in Vista is rated high so we will be checking it out…

We also spent some time walking around the campground, talking with our neighbors and the campground host.  The hosts here are great and love to chat with everyone.

The weather was beautiful, the campfire great – oh my, life doesn’t get any better than this.

We are traveling on tomorrow.  We were going to go to Tennessee and Kentucky but because of the flooding, we have decided to head north to Illinois and east to Indiana and Ohio.  We have two days of good weather before more storms come thru so we are taking advantage of it..

So stay tuned.

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