July 10 – 11 , 2009 Escapee Friends and the Moose- Dropping Festival

This time, along with visiting a number of the Escapee Parks, I have also started to post to the forums.  What is neat about that is over the past two days we have met a number of people that we communicated with on the forum.

On Friday, we stopped down at one of the campgrounds to meet Larry.  We had just missed seeing Cheryl, Bruce and Sue but were able to meet up with them on Saturday along with Tom, Deb, and Jonathan.  How cool is that!!!   I just love the Escapee Club!!

As for the rest of Friday, we just hung out in the AM (actually we slept late – LOL!) and then enjoyed another great campfire in the evening – :-)))

Saturday, the 11th, was the festival and what a blast:

The parade was at noon and first came down Main Street, then 10 minutes later, it went up Main Street – Main Street is 3 blocks long – LOL!!!

Andy getting ready for the parade:

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 002

And the parade begins – I just LOVE the BAGPIPES!!

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 008

Some of the moose on parade – the one in the center had all moose droppings glued to it – LOL:

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 017

The Red Hat Ladies (I miss my Red Hat Sisters – :-(()

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 027

Check out the size of THIS SNOWPLOW!

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 044 

In between some of the festivities, we came back to our MH and just took a break and had a nice time chatting.  Here is our group – Tom, Deb, Jonathan, Bruce, Sue, Cheryl, Larry, Andy and me:

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 049

We went back into town to listen to another pipe band:

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 052

And the famous – MOOSE DROPPING DROP.   There they go…

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 079

And the measuring begins:

07-11-09 Moose Dropping Festival 083

The winning number was 1126 and are you ready for this – I had 1026…   Oh well, better luck next time.

After the drop we all went our separate ways and hope to meet up later on in the Kenai..

Andy and I went back to the MH and had another wonderful campfire and our neighbors next door joined us..   What a wonderful day!


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