June 27, 2009 – The Taiga and Horseshoe Lake Trails in Denali

This morning we decided to take a ranger led hike to Horseshoe Lake.    We first went on the Taiga (or Boreal) Forest Trail and she explained how plants and animals (including humans) can and have survived in this type of environment.

Here is the trail: 

06-27-09 Taiga Trail 003

And the Aspens:

06-27-09 Taiga Trail 012

And all the wildflowers – oh my!

06-27-09 Taiga Trail 018 06-27-09 Taiga Trail 020 06-27-09 Taiga Trail 023 06-27-09 Taiga Trail 02806-27-09 Taiga Trail 001

06-27-09 Horseshoe Lake Trail 022

06-27-09 Horseshoe Lake Trail 041

And this little one checking us out – :-):

06-27-09 Taiga Trail 025

Our first view of Horseshoe Lake:

06-27-09 Horseshoe Lake Trail 003

The lake and the Beaver Dam:

06-27-09 Horseshoe Lake Trail 017 

And our busy Beaver:

06-27-09 Horseshoe Lake Trail 035

What a great hike.

It rained off and on in the afternoon so we made some phone calls and then finished the evening with another great campfire…

Tomorrow we are off to our next adventure.

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