June 26, 2009 – Hanging out in Denali

This morning we slept in and did it feel good after the long day yesterday.  We just did odds and ends this morning and then decided to have lunch at the visitor center.  We walked up the back trail – some scenes:

06-26-09 Denali National Park 006

06-26-09 Denali National Park 005

Then watched the train to Anchorage, load up and head out:

06-26-09 Denali National Park 010

We had lunch, then went to the movie at the visitor center – Heartbeats of Denali – scenes/videos of the different seasons throughout the park.  From there we walked to the Wilderness Center to watch their movie – Time and Tundra – on the history of Denali and then walked back to the MH.  We drove to town to pick up a few items and then back for a wonderful CAMPFIRE – LIFE DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!!

We have talked about staying longer here but they are booked for Sunday night so we will be moving on.  Who knows, we may be back – :-))  Tomorrow we may take one of the ranger led hikes if the weather is good so stay tuned.

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