February 4 - 5, 2009 – The Slabs

What an interesting time we have had.

On Wednesday (4th), we left Yuma and headed to the Slabs. Some scenes along the way:

Before the Dunes:

The Colorado River and the All American Canal at the Dunes:

Camping at the Dunes:
The other side of the Dunes and back to the desert:

We arrived here mid-morning (we gained an hour) and as we entered the area:

I had been emailing Cookie, Earl, and Bob (on the Boon Docking Yahoo Group) and they invited us to camp with them. As we were coming down Beal Road, Bob met us and took us to the area. What a great group of people.

After setting up, we went into town to get some water and gas and drop off some trash from the area. For supper we went to the Oasis Club here and had some great tacos and met even more people.

This is a neat little community – some people live here year round but many just for the winter. Here is a great link for some details -

Elliot in his favorite spot when we park:

Bob stopped over this evening and shared his home brewed beer with us – YUM! Andy shared our local beer with him – Yuengling Lager, of course!

The stats:

Miles Traveled: 105 Miles
Routes Traveled:
AZ: I-8
CA: I-8; CA-111; CR S27; CA-86; CA-111

Today (5th), we went for a bike ride to some of the places:

The pet cemetery (there is also the ashes of two people buried here):

The tanks:

Salvation Mountain:

There is a great story behind this mountain – here is a link - http://www.salvationmountain.us/

It was fascinating what Leonard has done and is still doing.

Here is Leonard:

The views from the tank area and Salvation Mountain:

The Church where there are services and other things going on:

The Slab Information Board:

The Range where there is entertainment every Saturday.
Our site:

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out. I finally got my beading organized after my shopping in Quartzsite. Me enjoying the afternoon:

Some of my views:

It is different than I expected. This is just like a little city with neighborhoods. People are very friendly and very accepting. There is a church, two clubs that serve dinner or breakfast, entertainment at the Range on the weekends.

Living quarters here go from tents to makeshift homes to million dollar rigs.

People take care of each other – there are a variety of different skills and they are shared or sold.

It is desert living so the sunsets, the sunrises, and the stars are breathtaking. Last night we saw a satellite go over!

It is a very busy place, the sheriff goes thru about three times a day and the border patrol goes up and down the county road quite often.

The military training grounds are next to the Slabs and it is not unusual to see flares in the night, hear bombing or guns in the distance, and see helicopters with machine guns flying low.

There is a nightly update on the CB – news, announcements, etc.

Would I spend more time here – ABSOLUTELY!

We are headed out tomorrow to spend time with my cousins, Jim and Deb and we may come back here next week.

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