February 14, 2009 – Another Great Day

Happy Valentines Day to all!

There is a swap meet in Niland on the weekends and we decided that was today’s first stop. It was like a flea market with all kinds of interesting “stuff”. There was a drip type coffeepot I looked at getting but when the vendor said “$8.00”, I put it back. It was used and I figured I would pay $1.00 - oh well.

We then took a drive around the area southwest of Niland by the Wildlife Refuge.

The cranes:
Other sites:

In the background, there is snow on the mountain top. Some days it gets covered then melts (and some days it is clear):

In the background of this picture, you can see steam. There are a few geothermal plants here producing electricity. We are also close to the San Andreas Fault so there are a few hot springs and mud springs here bubbling up!

And all of this is another part of the Salton Sea – so different from yesterday.

A muddy area – this just looked cool - :-) :

This area had a lot of pumice and volcanic rock. I picked up a pumice stone – wow is that light! This rock here was almost like glass (sort of looks like coal, doesn’t it?):

On our way home, we checked out the Slab shower/bath.

Here is the parking space:

Here is the shower (you climb down the hole):

I just love this place!
This evening Mary and Rich invited us to dinner in celebration of Bob and Susan’s birthdays. A picture (Ken, Mary, Bob, Rich, Susan, Seann, and Andy):

What a wonderful dinner (Thanks Mary and Rich) and what a wonderful day!

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