February 12, 2009 - Feeling Better and Walking around the Neighborhood

I am feeling much better today. Still have the cold but the aches and pains and weakness have left.

This morning Andy did a few more things around the MH while I cleaned up, talked with Cookie, and more beading.

We took a walkabout this afternoon. There is an open air library here so that was our first stop. The library was started by Peggy Sadlik as a place where people could “take a book and leave a book” but as it turned out (and still continues today); more people drop books off than take books. Peggy died in 2003 and is buried in front of her dream – The Lizard Tree Library. Her gravestone is part of a slab. It is really an impressive place with neat little areas to sit and read.

This is the canal that goes thru the area. There are a couple of these canals that come off the Colorado and supplies irrigation water to the farms. I wish I had more details - I will have to do some research - :-)

Every evening at 5:30 or 6:00 PM, on Channel 23 on the CB, there are announcements on what is going on in the area, in the Slabs, the TV Guide, and anything else (sales, swaps, etc.) We are really enjoying it and try not to miss the “news”. This is where it originates.

There are some interesting living spaces here - from tents to million dollar motor homes and everything in between. Some scenes:

Here is the Oasis Club:

Here is The Stage:

What an interesting place – we just love it. And of course the weather is beautiful – 60’s in the day, 40’s at night. The sunrises, the sunsets, the stars, oh my! We have met such great people. We will be back here again next winter.

We spent the rest of the day just enjoying the sunshine, visiting with the neighbors, and, yes, I am doing more beading.

The military area has been quite busy the past three days. Tuesday and Wednesday, we could hear bombs going off and smoke in the distance. Today, there are a lot of helicopter maneuvers – low flying and very noisy. Keep all of our troops in your prayers.

Until tomorrow.

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