August 9, 2008 – The Littleton Grist Mill

We woke to blue skies and sun this morning and headed to Cannon Mountain. But, alas, the mountain was still in the fog. So we decided to visit the Littleton Grist Mill.

This building has been restored and it is now recognized as the oldest commercial building north of Concord, NH. They have also restored the workings and make and sell various grains and flours.

The mill and surrounding area:

The Littleton Diner uses the Grist Mill Flours so for lunch we tried their whole-wheat pancakes – MMMMM!

It continued to stay sunny so when we got back, we started the campfire right away (hey, you never know when the rains will start) and were able to enjoy it all evening. Even Elliot wanted out in the sun:

We met our neighbors here and they are from Pine Grove (about 10 miles from where we live) – what a small world!

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