August 23, 2008 – The Lyman Run Trail and Lyman Run Road

Another beautiful day!!

This morning we decided to hike part of the Lyman Run Trail. Well, we started on the trail by the campground and the trail stopped after a mile. We made our way to the road and tried to reorient ourselves. We found another part of the trail near the dam and then decided not to do anymore. (I guess they haven’t upgraded the trail signs yet!).

Some pictures:

The park is next to the Susquehannock State Forest and since we both love exploring the forest roads, we decided to roam and checked out the Lyman Run Road. Very beautiful area!!

And the best part – we went to Cherry Springs State Park for their Stars-n-Parks program tonight. This area is one of the darkest areas east of the Mississippi. On “dark” (no moon) weekends, the Park’s people and volunteers bring telescopes and have astronomy programs. Oh my, we were able to see Jupiter, two of the rings, and four moons. We saw different galaxies. And with no telescope, the Milky Way, constellations, and even satellites. The sky was filled with so many stars!!! Breathtaking!!
The first time I saw the Milky Way was here at this park, four years ago. There are no words to describe it….

There were about 80 people at the program and the campground was about half filled. I am so glad that it is really taking off. Many times we were here; there were only a handful of people for the program. And many times, we were the only ones in the campground. What a wonderful little place!

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