August 10, 2008 – Cannon Mountain and the Auto Road to the top of Mount Washington

We woke this morning to SUN and BLUE skies with very little clouds so again to Cannon Mountain and it was CLEAR – Yippee!!

We took the gondola to the top, and then did the Ridge Trail to the Fire Tower – Breathtaking views:

Once we came down, we were wondering if Mount Washington was clear and decided to drive over and see. It was in and out of the clouds so we decided to take the Auto Road to the Top! Folks, this is an 8 mile uphill, narrow road and I drove it – WOW. I need to get Andy a shirt that says “I survived the auto road as a passenger!” I did ok although a few times it was a little hairy.

The top was in and out of the clouds but so much different from the other day we were here on the Cog Railway.


This is the first observatory – notice the chains. Yes, it was chained to the rocks so it would not blow away.

Another cog arriving (notice how clear compared to the other day):

At the summit:

What an incredible place!

Andy made the journey back because he was afraid I would burn out the brakes (probably true!) As we came down the mountain, it started to rain and continued raining and thunderstorms the rest of the evening. We are so glad we had these two days as a break – much improved our moods.

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