August 25, 2008 – Cherry Springs State Park

We moved about 6 miles today to Cherry Springs State Park. This is the first place we camped when we got the motorhome in 2004 and we spent a few weekends every year here. After skipping last year, it was nice to be back.

There was only one other camper here so it was like having the place to ourselves.

We are doing a battery test on the new batteries – using everything we can to see how they hold up. Plus we have cell phone and internet with the booster.

In Lyman Run, we were able to get a lot of free wood and we decided we were not going to take it home (yes, folks, we will be heading home tomorrow), so we started a roaring fire mid afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine, the sunset, and the campfire.


August 24, 2008 – Sightseeing in Potter County

Another beautiful day so we decided to do some sightseeing. We took another forest road to Route 6.

Pictures from the overlooks:

Then we went to Gold for this picture:

Now it doesn’t look like much but according to the post “The only Triple Divide east of the Mississippi. This summit gives rise to three major rivers. The Allegheny River flows into the Ohio, Mississippi and Gulf of Mexico. The Genesee River flows north into Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, and North Atlantic Ocean. The Pine Creek-Susquehanna flows into the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean.” How about that! (I wonder how the farmer feels about his land being so important!).

The Austin Dam Memorial Park was next on our list. On September 30, 1911, the Bayless Pulp and Paper Company dam broke here and killed at least 78 people. This was the second worst single dam disaster in PA and inspired legislation in 1913 to regulate the construction of dams in the state.

A picture of the dam from above:

From below:

I could not imagine living thru something like this!

We spent the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine, talking with our neighbors, and of course, the campfire. Tomorrow we are moving up to Cherry Springs State Park.

August 23, 2008 – The Lyman Run Trail and Lyman Run Road

Another beautiful day!!

This morning we decided to hike part of the Lyman Run Trail. Well, we started on the trail by the campground and the trail stopped after a mile. We made our way to the road and tried to reorient ourselves. We found another part of the trail near the dam and then decided not to do anymore. (I guess they haven’t upgraded the trail signs yet!).

Some pictures:

The park is next to the Susquehannock State Forest and since we both love exploring the forest roads, we decided to roam and checked out the Lyman Run Road. Very beautiful area!!

And the best part – we went to Cherry Springs State Park for their Stars-n-Parks program tonight. This area is one of the darkest areas east of the Mississippi. On “dark” (no moon) weekends, the Park’s people and volunteers bring telescopes and have astronomy programs. Oh my, we were able to see Jupiter, two of the rings, and four moons. We saw different galaxies. And with no telescope, the Milky Way, constellations, and even satellites. The sky was filled with so many stars!!! Breathtaking!!
The first time I saw the Milky Way was here at this park, four years ago. There are no words to describe it….

There were about 80 people at the program and the campground was about half filled. I am so glad that it is really taking off. Many times we were here; there were only a handful of people for the program. And many times, we were the only ones in the campground. What a wonderful little place!

August 22, 2008 – Short Travel Day

We slowly made our way this morning to Lyman Run State Park. This park just reopened this year after being closed for 5 years. Along with a new dam, they have done a lot of upgrades and it looks really good.

But no cell phone or internet service here even with the booster. So since we had to make some calls, we went in Galeton. Service was slight but we did get out.

The rest of the day we spent enjoying the sunshine and the campfire.

Miles Traveled: 30 miles
Routes Traveled:
PA: PA-660; PA-362; US-6;


August 21, 2008 - PA Grand Canyon

Today was our kick back day. I got caught up with emails and the blog and Andy did odds and ends around the motor home.

But we did get a chance to walk to the PA Grand Canyon Overlook:

What a beautiful day and another great campfire. We leave here tomorrow to go to Lyman Run State Park by Galeton, PA.

August 20, 2008 – Pine Creek Rail Trail

There is a great rail-trail thru the Pine Creek Gorge Area so this morning we took the bikes for a ride. We only did the area from Darling Run to Tiadaghton and back – total of 16.2 miles round trip. What a beautiful area:

The water is way down from the last time we were here. Many of the waterfalls are only a trickle or have dried up. At Tiadaghton area, we spoke to two of the DCNR employees who told us this was the lowest they have seen the creek.

And another great campfire!!!

August 19, 2008 – Travel Day

Today we moved to Leonard Harrison State Park – The PA Grand Canyon area. We have not been here in over three years and it was nice to see all the upgrades.

In the afternoon, we went to check out two more state parks – Cherry Springs and Lyman Run. We spent many weekends at Cherry Springs and wanted to see if the campground was still there. There was no change there but a lot of changes on the observation field.

Lyman Run State Park was closed for a few years and just reopened in 2008. Many upgrades there so we made reservations to stay there Friday thru Monday morning.

We continue to have gorgeous weather and campfire evenings.

Miles Traveled: 47 miles
Routes Traveled:
PA: US-15; US-6; PA-362; PA-660

August 18, 2008 – Hiking

Another beautiful day so we decided to do more hiking on the Moccasin Trail.

Some sites along the way:

Overall, our hike was 7.5 miles – not bad for 2 old folks.

We had planned a nice relaxing afternoon but since I broke our coffee pot carafe – off we went to search for a replacement – not an easy task with a space saver.

But we did have a great campfire evening.


August 17, 2008 – More Kayaking

Another beautiful day for kayaking! Today we headed to the lower end of the lake:

Going down the lake, the water was like glass – so beautiful to paddle thru. Coming back was a different story. The wind picked up and since we are in an inflatable kayak, it took some work just to keep us straight. (Hey, good workout for our arms/shoulders, etc.)

And another site moving day. We will be here until Tuesday morning and then we head to the PA Grand Canyon.

Of course another campfire night!! (I think we are going to build some type of fire pit when we get home, just to continue these campfires.)


August 16, 2008 – Kayaking in Cowanesque Lake

Another absolutely gorgeous morning!!

Kayaking on the lake:

(I have really missed camping in PA!)

And today is my cat, Elliot, birthday – he is 16 years old. I wonder how many that is in cat years! So Happy Birthday, Elliot!

Late afternoon, we went to Tioga – they were having a parade and festival. Since we were early, we took a short ride to the Tioga-Hammond Lakes – Connecting Channel Overlook:

And we saw this fellow as we headed back for the parade:

The parade was great – how about this car:

We had supper at one of the local pubs, then stopped by the carnival. What a great evening.

August 15, 2008 - Touring the Lake

Hate to say it but today was moving day again – to the Meadows Loop.

After we moved and set up, we decided to tour the lake/dam – all the overlooks, etc.

Some views:

This is below the dam:

Notice the beautiful skies!!! We have finally dried out – bins, motorhome, etc. – Yippee!!

After a quick trip to Wal-Mart to pick up some items, we enjoyed sitting out in the sun, watching the sun set and the skies change. Here is a picture of our new site (the lake is in the background and the campfire in front):


August 14, 2008 – Campsite at Lakeside

Since our site had been reserved for tonight, we moved across the street. What until you see this:

We are right on the lake – it is beautiful!!

But alas, we could only get this for one night. We will have to move tomorrow to the Meadows Loop so we decided to check it out and some of the other areas of the campground. We found a little pond between some of the campsites – sorry no pictures – I did not bring my camera.

We did have a little rain this afternoon but not enough to stop us from having a campfire. And Bill and Lois (two of the workampers here) joined us for a great evening!

August 13, 2008 – The Moccasin Trail

Our big adventure today was the Moccasin Trail. The trail is 4 miles (8 round trip) and goes along the lake and on some of the old country roads. We only did 5 miles round trip and here are some pictures along the way.

We also did our walks around the campground and met a few of the work-campers here. They do such a great job! This is one place that we will consider volunteering.

And since it was so beautiful, we had a great campfire night.


August 12, 2008 – Travel Day, Destination Pennsylvania

About 1:30 this morning, we heard a tremendous noise – a street sweeper cleaning the parking lot. Now there are a couple funny things about this. First, it was raining so we are not sure exactly what he was sweeping up. And second, imagine this guy, having to work third shift and sees a number of motorhomes and truckers in the one corner. I could just hear him saying “EEHA – I am going to have some fun tonight!! Let’s wake them up!” And it gets better. After the first pass thru our area, he disappears and about 20 minutes later (just as we are all falling asleep again), he comes by again. I know we probably brought some amusement to his night.

We continued our travels and are now camped at Cowanesque Recreation Area – Tompkins Campground. This is an Army Corp of Engineer area and they continue to impress us. The campground is nice and roomy and we have full hookups. We can see the lake/dam from our site. Beautiful!

After we set up, we checked out the area. There is another ACOE campground about 10 miles away but they are working on the dam/lake so it is low. So we have decided to stay where we are for a couple of days. We may need to move to different sites but that is okay.

We wanted to check out both campgrounds because they do look for work-campers. So if we need to, we would work at either one.

And the best part is that it is sunny and low humidity so we continue to dry out. And of course a great campfire night!

Miles Traveled: 207
NY: SR-7; I-88; SR-17; US-15
PA: US-15


August 11, 2008 – Travel Day

Well the weather pattern is going to continue up here – the 10 day forecast calls for rain every day except one. So we decided we had enough and are heading back to PA.

Our route today took us on all the interstates. There are still many flood watches and warnings thru Vermont and New Hampshire and we did not want to get caught in anything by taking the back roads.

We hit numerous rain storms on our way – I hope we can get out of this pattern.

And, I guess we are now official RV’ers – we are camped at Wal-Mart in Cobleskill, NY.

Miles Traveled: 317 miles
NH: SR-142; SR-302; I-93
VT: I-93, I-91
MA: I-91; I-90
NY: I-90; I-88; SR-7

August 10, 2008 – Cannon Mountain and the Auto Road to the top of Mount Washington

We woke this morning to SUN and BLUE skies with very little clouds so again to Cannon Mountain and it was CLEAR – Yippee!!

We took the gondola to the top, and then did the Ridge Trail to the Fire Tower – Breathtaking views:

Once we came down, we were wondering if Mount Washington was clear and decided to drive over and see. It was in and out of the clouds so we decided to take the Auto Road to the Top! Folks, this is an 8 mile uphill, narrow road and I drove it – WOW. I need to get Andy a shirt that says “I survived the auto road as a passenger!” I did ok although a few times it was a little hairy.

The top was in and out of the clouds but so much different from the other day we were here on the Cog Railway.


This is the first observatory – notice the chains. Yes, it was chained to the rocks so it would not blow away.

Another cog arriving (notice how clear compared to the other day):

At the summit:

What an incredible place!

Andy made the journey back because he was afraid I would burn out the brakes (probably true!) As we came down the mountain, it started to rain and continued raining and thunderstorms the rest of the evening. We are so glad we had these two days as a break – much improved our moods.